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beckam | 5 years

My sweet little Beckam is FIVE. 
And suddenly I am cursing time for taking away my babies. 
Luckily... I have some amazing big boys that love their mom to pieces, and that makes it all a little bit better. 
It is always shocking to me how different kids are... that come from the exact blood line and the same upbringing. 
Beckam is very much his own little person.
He is very care free, imaginative, sweet and explorative. 
He also has great hair and eye lashes. 
And that dimple! 

Beckam can spend hours in a room of legos, or blocks, or magnatiles and create the coolest things I've ever seen. 
Things that I probably couldn't even build. 
And he also comes up with a purpose or a plan for it. 
The best part... if his amazing inventions break, he rarely gets upset.
He sees it as an opportunity to build it again, but even cooler than the first time. 
And every day it is something different. A new invention or architectural genius. 
He does however tend to break a lot of lego masterpieces. 
In his eyes, he wants to build something cooler, which is unfortunate for the generally type A family members of his,
The kid is obsessed with his baby brother... who I suppose I should stop calling "baby".
He can't get enough of him, and likes to touch his face (?).
This usually results in Bennett's eye getting poked.... seriously, at least once a day.
He also likes to get Bennett to agree with him on any number of topics by just getting him to say "ok."
They giggle lots, and I just love it. 
He is still very much so allergic to eggs.
Peanuts too, but not as severe.
It is great that he is old enough to kind of understand the importance of asking before he eats something, but also terrifying that eggs are in SO many things.
Let's just pray that he doesn't ever need the epi-pen I am always toting around.
The sense of humor on this boy is the best.
He loves to make people laugh and will do almost anything to make people happy.
He seriously loves to laugh.
And it is the BEST little laugh!
We have been so blessed with the sweet boy.
I am so proud at the young man he is becoming.
His free spirit makes me realize he will probably not live on the farm forever... but he has informed me I get to go to college with him and pick out his wife... so... I'll take it.
As he likes to tell me every night.... i love you 100.


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