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BENNETT | 18 months

I'm a few days late here, BUT I thought it was worth noting that Bennett is 18 months old!
My baby is growing up entirely too fast.
In fact, he has very little "baby" left in him at all.
The crib sleeping and diaper wearing we are holding onto for a little bit more.
Bennett is talking a TON.
I understand about 1% of it... but still.
Non stop jabbering.
Some of the things I do understand consists of...
Where is my water?
Pat, Pat, Pat (while giving great big hugs)
Bubba, Mama, Dada, Papa
He would be happy spending ALL day outside.
He loves to slide, collect rocks, play basketball, ride on his tractors, and feed the animals.
And if by chance there is any water to get into, he is bound to find it.
This boy is smitten with his brothers.
He screams when Beckam tries to snuggle him nonstop, but he will never complain if they let him play along with them.
He particularly likes to sit with them on the couch if they get to watch a show.... although he is the least bit interested in TV himself.
Although he loves his brothers, he really loves me.
And it's a good thing, because I clean up a lot of poo from him.
He likes to give me kisses and hugs (sometimes), but he mostly just wants me to pack him around and play blocks or trucks with him.
Most of all though, he is through and through a daddy's boy.
If Ryan comes home, he grabs his boots, and stands at the door.
He also won't even look at me to say goodbye, in fear that I might grab him and make him stay home.
All of this time with his daddy is helping to turn him into our mini-est farmer.
The kid has strong tractor-sound game.
And if I would allow him to sleep with those hard metal tractors... he would.
One thing I do allow him to sleep with is a tiny little stuffed dog.
I had to buy him one that looks like Beckam's, because he was obsessed with it!
The hugs, kisses, and high pitched oo-ing was nonstop.
So, now he has his own.
I think the love for this stuffed dog came from his love for real life animals.
He has always LOVED our dog Gunner.
And they are quite the duo together.
Bennett also loves our cats, however he isn't nearly as nice to them.
He walks around pulling the cat by its tail most of the time.
Our precious cat, doesn't seem to mind.
Another love of his is food.
Boy loves to eat.
And preferably on his own.
Don't you dare try to spoon feed him anything.
He will do it on his own.
And he is really very good at it.
I would list some favorites, but he will pretty much eat everything.
One of his newest food tricks though... putting olives on his fingers to eat them.
It's the only way it's done.
Perhaps all of this food he is eating explains his size.
He is such a big boy!!
I will get official stats on Friday, but he has been tracking 95th percentile in height for quite some time now.
His weight is generally around 75th.
And that noggin'... it is large also.
Bennett is such a goof ball, and he thinks that he is hilarious too.
It has been so fun watching his personality form...
When he was about 8 months old, he burped at the table. The big boys laughed at how loud it was, and Bennett then burst into tears.
NOW, he will burp at the table and then begin to laugh hysterically.
Such gentlemen I am raising.
His cute smile, blue eyes and blonde hair kill me, and it is still amazing to me that I grew him!
What a lucky mommy I am.

We LOVE you Bennett Zane!


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