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oh hey, friday | my quest for abs + and a finished remodel

I had to pull myself away from "my 600-lb life" to write this post.
WHY am I so fascinated with this show!?
I just can't look away.
The good news is, it is definitely helping with any snacking after dinner.

SO, now that I am here, let's do this!
Oh hey, Friday.... here's what I've been up to...

1 | goals revisited
The bad news is I don't have a six pack, or anything that is even close to resembling muscles on my abdomen.
I have however been doing lots of running... at least, lots for me.
Today is the day I will run three miles.
Wish me luck.

I have been doing really good with all of my food intake.
AND I just signed up for the TIU Bikini Challenge!!
Because those gals are smokin' - and their workouts are killer.

In fact, new goal... next week start waking up before the children, and doing a TIU exercise from last years bikini challenge.

2 | bennett the brand rep
Tomorrow Bennett is 16 months old.
I literally just had to do the math, because I don't keep track with him like I did with... Brody, and probably Beckam.
All I know is that he is one, and he is precious, and he is growing up far too fast.
He has also been a little baby model for most of his life.
I mean, just look at him. The kid is just a natural now...
And his poses kill me.
Although 98% of the time, he is being super mischievous.
ALSO, this adorable little outfit is from Periwinkle Jazz.
She has THE cutest line out right now, and you can save using code TEAMFARMER.

3 | remodel
Our remodel on the office space/homeschool room is coming right along.
Oh wait... no it's not.
It is farm season.
And we have exactly 2 pieces of sheetrock screwed in.
The good news is that I have it all decorated in my head.
I know I mentioned before I was going to refurbish an unfound table from craigslist... until I found a picture of another one.
That goes reallly nice  with my light fixtures.
AND one of our employees can make for me in like an hour... when we are actually ready for a table.
Here is my quick little inspo board.
Maybe I will need to schedule a "party" to get this done.
We are having Easter at our house... I may just tell the men that they can't eat until the sheetrock is up.
This idea JUST came to me, and I like it. A lot.

4 | frog
We have been a whole lot of yard work around here.
We have a massive yard, that likes to grow weeds.
On Wednesday, the big boys and I were out hoeing and we came across two giant frogs... or toads... I really don't know the difference.
Sweet little Beckam decided that he wanted to have one as a pet.
I picked it up (only because I had gloves on, I am not into holding small creatures) and set it in his hand.
He held it for a long time, and then was done with it.
(and that is why I have to feed his cat... because it would have starved like a week after we got it.)

5 | kids
They sure grow up fast.
These two big boys helped Ryan move some pipe out of the way so he could keep planting sugar beets.
Brody was a really good help.
Beckam... well, he probably wished he was back holding his frog.

There were a few crappy parts to the week too, but those don't need documented.
If you are the praying type though, one of our employees is currently in the ICU and could some extra thoughts. Thanks!

Ok friends, link up time!!
And HAPPY almost weekend.

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