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oh hey, friday | a crappy week + some easter inspiration

Wasn't it juuuust Friday like a day ago?
This past week went by so SO fast.
I could seriously use about 10 more hours in each day to get all my shiz done.
But instead, I will settle for 24 (like I have a choice) and continue to do just about everything subpar.

Typically I would do a little recap of my week for this fun little link up...
but I can sum it up real quick and then move on.
I spent approximately 40 hours in the office in a two day span, one of our employees passed away after having a burst aneurysm in our house a week ago, I have listened to way too much fighting and screaming from three certain little boys, and I have been working in the yard for every other spare second.

So basically it's kind of been a crapper of a week.

Which is why it is time to share with you some items I have recently found on pinterest.
We are doing a little Easter get together here, and I got sucked in to wanting to eat/do EVERYTHING.
Here are a few things that caught my eye...

1 | lemon pound cake with vanilla bean glaze
Because... I am not currently eating sweets.
I have a fitness challenge to win.
BUT this looks amazingly delicious.
You can find the recipe HERE though.

2 | pom bum bunnies
How cute are these?
And super easy to make.
Time to get the boys crafting!!!
Instructions found HERE.

3 | glazed orange sweet rolls
I have made orange scones for many easters in a row.
And they are delicious.
THIS recipe looks crazy good too though.
Maybe I will switch things up this year.

4 | egg decorating
I have 4-5 dozen fake eggs to decorate with the boys today (you know... egg allergy for sweet Beckam).
Since they are fake, they can't be dyed the "normal" way.
Here are some alternative ways I have found...

Can't wait to get my artsy pants on! 

5 | hungry hungry bunnies
This is not a pinterest idea...at least I don't think it is.
My farmer decided that he wanted to create a fun game that will go a little like this...
- 4 people are blindfolded
- 24 beach balls are placed around large lawn
- each person is basically tied to a stick that is staked in his/her corner (for a home base to store balls)
- who ever can find the most balls wins.
It is basically an easter egg hunt mixed with life size hungry hungry hippos.
Stay tuned to see how this works out.
I will definitely do some IG stories about it, so if you aren't following me on Instagram, don't wait.

Ok friends, link up time!!
And HAPPY almost weekend.

1 comment:

  1. OMG those orange rolls! OMG!!!!!!!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away


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