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oh hey, friday | brody takes pictures + SOME are gold

Brody has decided that he LOVES to take pictures.
Sometimes I am a little taken back by the things that he chooses to capture...
but that is the glory of digital cameras.

Today's post is dedicated to my sweet 6 year old's new hobby.

1 | dirt
When I look through his hundreds of photos, I find that about 50% of them are of dirty spots around my house.
Like actual dirt. Not like a mess.
Things that I didn't realize were that dirty, until I saw his photos.
Maybe he is trying to tell me something through the art of photography.
Like... "hey mom, this has been dirty for a little while now, and I've noticed you aren't cleaning it, why don't you go ahead an hop on that, eh?"
And they are ALL at child level... imagine that.
These farm boys sure know how to make a mess.
I will spare you any actual photos, because I'm embarrassed.

2 | heads
The next 15% of his photos are usually of the back of peoples heads.
Or the top of Bennett's head.
Or blurry Beckam because he won't hold still for poor photography Brody.
Again, I will spare you.

3 | furniture
10 % are furniture shots.
Pillows on the couch.
The chair in the corner, etc.
You get the idea.

4 | toys
A good 20% of his pics are of his toys.
In fact, he even set up a little lego photoshoot one day.
(Probably because his subjects don't move.)
Taking a picture of every single one of his legos separately.
I managed to find one with a couple included...

5 | GOLD
And lastly, he has about a 5% margin of GOLD.
Whether he so graciously cuts me out to focus on this precious...
Or, he captures Beckam in a moment of yogurt bliss (all while getting the perfect blurred background)...
 OR, he sneaks up and gets a priceless pic of me reading to Bennett....

He is bound for greatness folks.
And I couldn't be more proud of him!

Now... more gold and less dirt. Ha.

Ok friends, it's link up time!!

Grab this html, slap it on your post, and link up below!! :)

Happy weekend.


  1. He's such a smart and precious little boy. Love that one of Bennett in particular. But I do want to see a few of the dirt pictures, too! Maybe you should have a policy at your house to clean what you photo!

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