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oh hey, friday | brody takes pictures + SOME are gold

Brody has decided that he LOVES to take pictures.
Sometimes I am a little taken back by the things that he chooses to capture...
but that is the glory of digital cameras.

Today's post is dedicated to my sweet 6 year old's new hobby.

1 | dirt
When I look through his hundreds of photos, I find that about 50% of them are of dirty spots around my house.
Like actual dirt. Not like a mess.
Things that I didn't realize were that dirty, until I saw his photos.
Maybe he is trying to tell me something through the art of photography.
Like... "hey mom, this has been dirty for a little while now, and I've noticed you aren't cleaning it, why don't you go ahead an hop on that, eh?"
And they are ALL at child level... imagine that.
These farm boys sure know how to make a mess.
I will spare you any actual photos, because I'm embarrassed.

2 | heads
The next 15% of his photos are usually of the back of peoples heads.
Or the top of Bennett's head.
Or blurry Beckam because he won't hold still for poor photography Brody.
Again, I will spare you.

3 | furniture
10 % are furniture shots.
Pillows on the couch.
The chair in the corner, etc.
You get the idea.

4 | toys
A good 20% of his pics are of his toys.
In fact, he even set up a little lego photoshoot one day.
(Probably because his subjects don't move.)
Taking a picture of every single one of his legos separately.
I managed to find one with a couple included...

5 | GOLD
And lastly, he has about a 5% margin of GOLD.
Whether he so graciously cuts me out to focus on this precious...
Or, he captures Beckam in a moment of yogurt bliss (all while getting the perfect blurred background)...
 OR, he sneaks up and gets a priceless pic of me reading to Bennett....

He is bound for greatness folks.
And I couldn't be more proud of him!

Now... more gold and less dirt. Ha.

Ok friends, it's link up time!!

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Happy weekend.


oh hey, friday | adult egg hunts + ROAD TRIP!

It is currently 10:30 Thursday night, and I am sitting here waiting for some banana bread to bake.
I don't even know why I thought it was a good idea to do this when I am already going to get about zero hours of sleep.

We are waking up in four hours to drive to WA to my farmer's sister's house.
Her littlest cutie is turning one.
AND her other two boys have birthdays too.
And it is my mother in laws birthday.
Basically it is birthday season.

I am not going to write about 5 things, because... I'm feeling rebellious.
But I am going to share with you our Easter.
Last week I shared with you some things that I was planning on doing.
We did exactly ONE of them.
Colored our eggs.
And I didn't even take pictures.

Our super fun hungry hungry hippos game we were going to play... amazon failed me, and the balls didn't arrive on time.
EVEN when I overnighted them on Wednesday.

I also didn't bake a thing.
And no one even cared.

Our day went a little something like this...
My in laws and Karli and her family showed up at 10.
We ate a super delicious, and pretty healthy, brunch.
The farmer's chatted nonstop farming, while the kids ran around happily screaming.
We made them all stop to take pictures, which no one was excited about...
except maybe these two...

Then we hid a bunch of eggs for the kids find.
We like to get that part over with quickly, because we all know, that the best part about easter is actually the adult egg hunts.
We put Bennett down for a nap, and a movie on for the big kids, and then we got busy.

This years rules were as follows:
-break up into teams of two.
-one team of two hides the eggs.
-when the hunt begins, you and your partner must always be either holding hands, or holding onto the basket tougher.
- team with the most eggs wins.
Side note: My farmer decided to surprise us all, and come out dressed as a pokemon.
Karli's farmer is pretending to NOT like it, but we all know that is lie.
He proceeded to wear it for the rest of the day also.

I don't want to brag, but I'm pretty sure Karli and I won all of the egg hunts.
We also hid them pretty good.

After the intense competition, we decided to keep it up and play some baseball with the kids.
There were definitely some home runs (not by me) and significant amount of strike outs (by me).

It was, yet again, a perfect day!

What did you do!?
Leave a comment and tell me all about it.

AND then link up!


oh hey, friday | a crappy week + some easter inspiration

Wasn't it juuuust Friday like a day ago?
This past week went by so SO fast.
I could seriously use about 10 more hours in each day to get all my shiz done.
But instead, I will settle for 24 (like I have a choice) and continue to do just about everything subpar.

Typically I would do a little recap of my week for this fun little link up...
but I can sum it up real quick and then move on.
I spent approximately 40 hours in the office in a two day span, one of our employees passed away after having a burst aneurysm in our house a week ago, I have listened to way too much fighting and screaming from three certain little boys, and I have been working in the yard for every other spare second.

So basically it's kind of been a crapper of a week.

Which is why it is time to share with you some items I have recently found on pinterest.
We are doing a little Easter get together here, and I got sucked in to wanting to eat/do EVERYTHING.
Here are a few things that caught my eye...

1 | lemon pound cake with vanilla bean glaze
Because... I am not currently eating sweets.
I have a fitness challenge to win.
BUT this looks amazingly delicious.
You can find the recipe HERE though.

2 | pom bum bunnies
How cute are these?
And super easy to make.
Time to get the boys crafting!!!
Instructions found HERE.

3 | glazed orange sweet rolls
I have made orange scones for many easters in a row.
And they are delicious.
THIS recipe looks crazy good too though.
Maybe I will switch things up this year.

4 | egg decorating
I have 4-5 dozen fake eggs to decorate with the boys today (you know... egg allergy for sweet Beckam).
Since they are fake, they can't be dyed the "normal" way.
Here are some alternative ways I have found...

Can't wait to get my artsy pants on! 

5 | hungry hungry bunnies
This is not a pinterest idea...at least I don't think it is.
My farmer decided that he wanted to create a fun game that will go a little like this...
- 4 people are blindfolded
- 24 beach balls are placed around large lawn
- each person is basically tied to a stick that is staked in his/her corner (for a home base to store balls)
- who ever can find the most balls wins.
It is basically an easter egg hunt mixed with life size hungry hungry hippos.
Stay tuned to see how this works out.
I will definitely do some IG stories about it, so if you aren't following me on Instagram, don't wait.

Ok friends, link up time!!
And HAPPY almost weekend.


oh hey, friday | my quest for abs + and a finished remodel

I had to pull myself away from "my 600-lb life" to write this post.
WHY am I so fascinated with this show!?
I just can't look away.
The good news is, it is definitely helping with any snacking after dinner.

SO, now that I am here, let's do this!
Oh hey, Friday.... here's what I've been up to...

1 | goals revisited
The bad news is I don't have a six pack, or anything that is even close to resembling muscles on my abdomen.
I have however been doing lots of running... at least, lots for me.
Today is the day I will run three miles.
Wish me luck.

I have been doing really good with all of my food intake.
AND I just signed up for the TIU Bikini Challenge!!
Because those gals are smokin' - and their workouts are killer.

In fact, new goal... next week start waking up before the children, and doing a TIU exercise from last years bikini challenge.

2 | bennett the brand rep
Tomorrow Bennett is 16 months old.
I literally just had to do the math, because I don't keep track with him like I did with... Brody, and probably Beckam.
All I know is that he is one, and he is precious, and he is growing up far too fast.
He has also been a little baby model for most of his life.
I mean, just look at him. The kid is just a natural now...
And his poses kill me.
Although 98% of the time, he is being super mischievous.
ALSO, this adorable little outfit is from Periwinkle Jazz.
She has THE cutest line out right now, and you can save using code TEAMFARMER.

3 | remodel
Our remodel on the office space/homeschool room is coming right along.
Oh wait... no it's not.
It is farm season.
And we have exactly 2 pieces of sheetrock screwed in.
The good news is that I have it all decorated in my head.
I know I mentioned before I was going to refurbish an unfound table from craigslist... until I found a picture of another one.
That goes reallly nice  with my light fixtures.
AND one of our employees can make for me in like an hour... when we are actually ready for a table.
Here is my quick little inspo board.
Maybe I will need to schedule a "party" to get this done.
We are having Easter at our house... I may just tell the men that they can't eat until the sheetrock is up.
This idea JUST came to me, and I like it. A lot.

4 | frog
We have been a whole lot of yard work around here.
We have a massive yard, that likes to grow weeds.
On Wednesday, the big boys and I were out hoeing and we came across two giant frogs... or toads... I really don't know the difference.
Sweet little Beckam decided that he wanted to have one as a pet.
I picked it up (only because I had gloves on, I am not into holding small creatures) and set it in his hand.
He held it for a long time, and then was done with it.
(and that is why I have to feed his cat... because it would have starved like a week after we got it.)

5 | kids
They sure grow up fast.
These two big boys helped Ryan move some pipe out of the way so he could keep planting sugar beets.
Brody was a really good help.
Beckam... well, he probably wished he was back holding his frog.

There were a few crappy parts to the week too, but those don't need documented.
If you are the praying type though, one of our employees is currently in the ICU and could some extra thoughts. Thanks!

Ok friends, link up time!!
And HAPPY almost weekend.

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