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oh hey, friday | a remodel in session

It snowed yesterday.
And rained... but the snow, really!?
Also, the wind blew 40 mph ALL DAY.

Typically I wouldn't be too pleased with this, but I actually enjoyed it very much.
The boys were at grandmas for the day, and my farmer wasn't doing any farming in that weather.
SO, we set back to work on our little outer building remodel.
Here is what we've been up to...

1 | wiring
A couple of youtube videos in and we were basically electricians.
We got the place all wired up.
I had to convince my farmer that an electrical box on EVERY stud wasn't necessary.
Although he did sneak in five in a row.
That is where our office/desks will be, so we will have no shortage there.

2 | walls
The walls are starting to get sheetrocked.
I will then be in charge of taping and mudding.
There is one wall that is covered in plywood, and my farmer has his eye on some old barn wood that just came off a local farmhouse.
I'm not sure if there is enough to cover it, but we may try that... shiplap style.

ALSO, for the ceiling... which also already has plywood on it... I bought some thing pieces of wood (same type used for lattice) and I am going to put that over all of the seams.
It will give the ceiling an effect similar to this...
Except all white (because... old plywood) and not symmetrical.

3 | floor
I already have the flooring, and it's been in the back of my suburban for a couple of weeks.
Fingers crossed that we can get it down SOON!
I think it's going to look good!

4 | decor
We pretty much have everything that will go into the room.
One section will have our farm office in it, with three desks.
The other will be homeschool.
I plan on redoing a giant bookshelf that we have.
AND as the time gets closer I will search craigslist for a large dining room table to repurpose.
I think this will be much more useful for homeschooling, rather than individual desks.
I am still toying with the idea of all different chairs... but my OCD may take over.
DO you know of a place to buy good quality chairs for cheap?
Please share.

5 | lights
I have a bunch of can lights to put up, BUT I want some pendant lights for over the homeschool table.
I just found these, and I am in love.

What do you think!?

I can't wait until it's done.
It might be another year, but I can't wait.

Ok, friends.
Have a super weekend.
Link up!


  1. One, totally jealous of your snow. We didn't get ANY accumulation in KY this year and it was such a bummer! Two, I'm obsessed with those pendant lights!

  2. Oh, it looks like it's all coming together. I'm loving it! :)


  3. looks like it is coming together. Love that you're sharing with us. So excited for you guys!

  4. Where did you find that pendant light? I'm looking for something similar over our island. Thanks'

  5. From the way it sounds, that is going to be a gorgeous room! How exciting! I need to look into getting some chairs for our dining table... I am almost thinking of having my husband build a bench for the one side.

  6. Thanks for hosting and have a wonderful week and I hope your remodel keeps going good.


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