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oh hey, friday | the best kids FASHION + giveaway

Hey hey friends!
It's amazing how fast a week goes by when you are busy DIY-ing.
We are currently moving our garage/shop to a fixed up old chicken coop, redo-ing said garage/shop into a new office/homeschool room, and then turning office into a workout room.
AND all with zero budget.
It is a fun little challenge, and I am ready for it to be over.
I should really take some pics now before things progress any further for a before and after post.
Stay tuned for that.

Until then, let's talk about kids.
And their clothes.

It's no secret that we LOVE to shop "small".
I really enjoy buying the boys clothes from other moms who design and make them.
And they are just so SO cute.
Take a look at a few of my favorites, and I may have some discount codes for you to cash in on too. :)
(FYI, if you click on the bold shop name, it will take you directly to their shop.)

1 | hen house apparel 
discount code: johnsonboys15
First things first... I just so happen to be giving away a $25 shop credit to this amazing shop on my Instagram - so go and get entered HERE, because you are going to WANT it!!
These clothes are ridiculously cute!
There is a new french terry line that I want everything in.
And a slew of other amazing products.
I should get a package any day from her, and I am super excited!!!

2 | periwinkle jazz
discount code: teamfarmer
We have been Periwinkle Jazz fanatics for a long while.
The new SS17 line (dropping in 9 days) is one of my favorites yet too.
Take a look below at everything that you will get to buy.
Make your list, set your alarms on your phone, and buy buy buy!

3 | fancy frogz
I have talked about fancy frogz before, and my love of their unique fabric.
Any item with a print on it (like the raccoon blanket in the very first pictures of this post), is designed by them so the print is exclusive to only their shop.
That is rare.
We also just got this romper, and it is THE SOFTEST piece ever.
I wish it came in my size. Ha.
AND their new knit line is amazing. It is all hand knit in Peru, and is the cutest for little girls!!

4 | bitty b and co.
discount code: farmersff
Bitty B took some time off, but came back with a bang.
Her new line of prints is the best!
We have two that we are obsessed with, but there are many more that you should check out too.
And you can choose any style of bottoms... leggings, harem pants, harem shorts.
I love it.

5 | george hats
discount code: ffshare10
We all know that any good outfit needs good accessories.
For my boys that means hats.
George hats never disappoints.
This new stripetooth trucker is just so cute.
AND she is going to be releasing a new 5 panel style hat soon (next week) in two fabrics.
It is so good.

If you have never bought small before, I encourage you to try!
And what better way than with discount codes! :)

Any questions regarding an item above I may not have mentioned, feel free to email me HERE.
And if you don't already follow the boys fashion IG page, you can do that HERE.

Ok, link up time!
Grab the html from the fancy new button, put it on your post, and link up below!


  1. Thanks for all the discount codes, and these outfits are just adorable! I like shopping small when I can too. they have some of the best items!


  2. Those clothing brands are all so cute! Thank you so much for showcasing and sharing those discount codes!

  3. Those are some cute clothes on some cute kids!!


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