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a fitness challenge | let's win some MONEY!

Ok, here's the deal.
I need to lose 10 pounds.
I could even lose 15, and if I happened to lose 20... I wouldn't be mad about it.

I have found that the best way to do this however, is motivation from others doing the same thing.
SO, I have a wild idea... that will be so so fun.

Here is how it is going to go down.
Biggest loser style.

-- Every person puts in $20 via PayPal.

-- The challenge will go for 6 weeks.

-- Every person will send a picture of themselves on the scale every Monday. (Feet only... so you need to be honest... no stacking books on your head to start or anything. Also, take a front and back before and after picture... you will want this to compare your end results to... no need to share them if you are uncomfortable though.)

-- I will keep everyone updated with a weekly spreadsheet of each person along with the percent of body weight lost... I won't share your actual weight with the group.

-- At the end of the six weeks, the person with the highest PERCENTAGE of body weight lost WINS all the money.

Sounds like fun, eh!?
I don't care how you lose the weight either.
As long as it is healthy of course.
But, I am certainly not here to sell you anything... except a fun challenge.
You better believe that I am going to be competing too... otherwise I would have zero incentive to do this.

Here's the kicker... we need to spread the word!
The more people that sign up, means the more money you could win.
Share this blog post with your friends, mom, co-workers, etc... or just give them my email address and I will get them set up.

If you have any questions feel free to email me HERE.

And if you are game, and want to join in... fill out THIS form.
Actual competition won't start until March 20th.



  1. Gah I would love to do this but I know I won't win because my weight barely goes down, but the inches do. :(

  2. This sounds great! An easier way is to set up a challenge on diet bet though...you should check it out

  3. How fun! Although I need to lost just 5 pounds, so I'm thinking there's no way I would win this...boo! But good luck to you guys, I'll play along from the sidelines!


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