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oh hey, friday | some SUPER embarrassing and awkward moments

You guys... yesterday was a real doozy.
I mean just thinking about it all and replaying it makes me uncomfortable.
SO, why not share it with the world, right!?

1 | letting it all hang out
It all started with a trip to the big city for an annual OB appointment.
I left the boys with my farmer, obviously.
I went through the whole check in process, and was then told I had to get down to nothing but my socks, and put on the gown.
NOW, to be fair, I haven't put on a hospital gown in like... forever, and I totally over thought this.
I put it on the traditional way (open in the back).
But, as I sat there waiting for what seemed like foreverrrrr, I began to overanalyze the gown.
It was a yearly check-up and I knew that there was going to be checking for lumps and bumps, so... maybe the gown was supposed to open in the front?
You know, easy access!
I was wishing that I had asked the nurse, and honestly debated sticking my head out the door to ask.
I finally had convinced myself... yes - open in the front. It's gotta be.
I was even super proud of myself for thinking I didn't even have to disrobe to change it... just stand up, arms in the holes, turn it, and voila!
As I began to execute my plan, the door began to open.
I swapped it around, and sat down quick, trying to play things off real smooth like.
But let me tell you... things were hanging out.
And I was not playing it off as cool as I had hoped.
After about 30 seconds of small talk, my doctor said... "stand up, let's fix your gown."
And I stood up to get things situated correctly.
I was wrong.
Always go open in the back... and always go with your first intuition.

2 | locked out of my car
One of my stops on this so far glorious day, was West Elm, to pick up a mirror that I've been waiting on for weeks.
I got there, and parallel parked my big-rig like a pro.
I never lock my car with the door, and usually always with the keys, but for some reason I didn't.
No worries though, because my keys were in my bag.
As I hopped out of the car, my phone fell onto the ground.
And as I found out later, at the same time my phone fell, the keys went with it... into the built-in storage of the door.
I finished at the store, and as I was walking to my car I was digging for my keys, which are always in a particular pocket in my bag.
They weren't there.
I peeked through the window to see if I had accidentally left them in the car... but didn't see them anywhere!
I walked back to west elm thinking surely they had fallen out of my bag. No.
I went into every store from my car to west elm asking if a set of keys had been brought in. No.
I emptied out my entire bag on a desk in west elm.
And I finally came to the conclusion that they must be in the car somewhere.
I called a locksmith who was amazingly quick, and came to my rescue.
It took about 45 seconds for him to break into my car (huh!?) and that is when I found the keys in the door.
And it cost be 45 dollars.
That guy basically gets paid a dollar per second.
I think I need to move to the big city and start a new profession.

3 | getting hit on?
I ran to a grocery store as my final stop of the day.
As I was walking back to my car with my goods, I noticed a guy standing next to an old van a couple of parking rows over.
(always be weary of old vans, kids)
It seemed like he may have been looking at me??
I kept the corner of my eye on him, while I was loading up the groceries, and then noticed as I was about to walk the cart back that he started heading my direction.
We both got to the side of my car at the same time.
At which time he said, "sorry."
And I was like, "huh?"
And he said, "oh I just like to say sorry."
And in my head, I'm like, "huh? Justin Bieber?"
And then he said, "you so pretty!"
And then I got in my car and locked the door.
As I started the car up, I was watching him in my rearview mirror smiling at me, doing a head nod, and biting his lip.
Instead of backing out of the parking spot, I obviously drove forward into the wrong way lane and high tailed it out of there.
Not so embarrassing - mostly just creepy.

4 | poo water
I was finally done with my day, and heading home.
What else would possibly happen?
I got a call from my farmer who told me that while he was finishing up a project outside... the poo hit the fan... or whistle in this case... inside.
To make a long story short... Brody had to poo, Bennett came into the bathroom with a toy whistle, he ended up throwing said whistle into the toilet (yes... the toilet that Brody was sitting/pooping on... and why he didn't close his legs, we still haven't figured out), Brody apparently loved this whistle, fished out the whistle, yelled for Beckam to come and wash off the whistle in the sink... and that is when my dear farmer came back inside.
Don't worry, the whistle has since been thrown away, much to Brody's disapproval, and all of the children were washed up very thoroughly.

5 | on a good note
Luckily, I don't have a fifth terrifying story to add to that 4 hours of our day yesterday.
So, instead I will leave you with a cute picture of family.
We just got our pictures back from the whole huge family photoshoot, and there were some of our individual family.
I will share more later, but for now, I'll just leave this right here.

And now, it's your turn.
Please tell you you've had some embarrassing moments this week.
I'd love to hear about them, so I don't feel so sorry for myself.

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  1. Oh man, at least you can look back and laugh at all those things now right? right?! haha have a great and less eventful week!

  2. Your OB appointment made me laugh! I always get confused too! I hope you have a wonderful weekend! http://theeverydayevents.blogspot.com/


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