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oh hey, friday | PARTY edition

Before the party post starts I wanted to remind you all that I have a big freshly picked giveaway going on right now on my IG page.
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So, go do that.
Maybe after you read this post... :)

It's been a couple of weeks now since Brody turned six.
And I thought I should document his 6th birthday.
This was the least amount of planning I have done for a party.
And I am pretty sure I will be doing this again for future birthdays.
No stress, lots of fun, grainy cell phone pics.... mostly all wins.

Here is how Brody's sixth birthday went down...

1 | bowling
We met up with Karli and her gals in the big city for a bowling date!
Brody thought it would be fun to dress as super heroes while they bowled... so they did.
And they were cute.
We also used the bowling ramp, and Brody & Kaye perfected their ramp skills game. 

2 | eating
It just so happens that at this bowling alley, there is also a lovely waitress who brings you food and drinks... AND a massive surprise sundae for the birthday boy.
Pretty sure they were in a sugar coma for a solid hour after.

3 | bonding
It also turns out that a bowling alley is the perfect place for some bonding.
If I only knew what they were talking about!

And just look at this crew... Brody is a loved little guy.

4 | playing
After the bowling adventures, we said goodbye to the ladies and headed upstairs to play some games!
Our boys have never been to an arcade before, and they were geeking out. 
Until we ran out of money!
Those places are spendy!!!

5 | caking
To end off the day, we had a nice dinner with my farmer's parents.
AND we ate cake.
Brody requested a superhero cake... and saw a professional fondant covered one on pinterest he thought would be realllll nice.
I knew better than to even try.
Instead I found THIS free printable... (AND the nice lady even customized it for me... changed the name and the number... she's amazing!)
 And the inside of the cake...
 Turns out we don't need fondant to impress a six year old.

Now I have a couple of months before another birthday hits our family!

How do you guys like to party plan?
Do you like to go all out, or would you rather just go on a special outing?

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  1. Great to be able to experience his 6th birthday, even if from afar. So much sugar in one day! Thanks for the update. You're such a great mom.

  2. Aw, it looks like such a fun party!! I love the inside of that cake. And if they ever mention fondant again - tell them it tastes bad! I don't really care for it. Give me all the icing!



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