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oh hey, friday | how to wrangle TEN KIDS

It has been busy since the last oh hey, friday!
My farmer's brother brought his family of 6 over from Hawaii.
And his sister had her family of 5.
We all met up in Walla Walla over the weekend to get all TEN cousins together for the first time... ever.
It was fun. And loud. And wild. But mostly fun.

We came back to the farm on Monday and were able to bring everyone with us except my farmer's sister, her hubby and baby. BUT we snagged her two oldest boys to hang with the cousins for the week too.

This is what we have done to keep the kids busy and happy...

1 | pictures
Well... this might not have happened to keep them busy OR happy, but regardless we did lots of picture taking.
We even did a professional shoot, that I am anxiously waiting to see the results of.
We just had to document this sweet age.

2 | party
Brody was super excited to have an impromptu party with this cousins.
I whipped up some super hero cupcakes, dressed them all in the appropriate gear, got them all a superhero lego, and BOOM - superhero party complete.
Big win.

3 | snow
These kids never tire of the snow.
Especially the Hawaii cousins.
They obviously don't see much snow there.
So they have all been loving it!
Snow piles, sledding, etc... for hours!!

4 | hot springs
You can never go wrong with a quick trip to the hot springs.
With the whole slew of kids we went to an indoor one that is geared much more towards kids, and they had a blast!
Especially with the slides and this fun log...

5 | food/toys/baths/sleepovers
All of the other miscellaneous activities that have been a favorite amongst the group.
The cousins sleepovers are probably my favorite.
Seeing 7 kids crammed into a small room is pretty precious... and hearing their giggles for an hour before falling asleep is pretty cute too.
My boys aren't going to know what to do with themselves once all of their cousins go home.
I have a feeling they will be very lonely.

 What have you all been up to!?
Any big plans for the Super Bowl?
Valentines Day?
Give me all the details!

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  1. How sweet! My side has 7 boys, with my oldest being the oldest. They are all stair stepped. And my husband's side has 2 girls and a boy..again, stair stepped. We are fortunate to all live within an hour or less of each other. I love that cousins are built in buddies!

  2. Oh my gosh that pile of snow!! I was just talking on Instagram about it snowing here. We have 1/2 an inch! haha!

  3. That snow pile, how fun, and hey anything to tire them out right?! Saturday we're headed to Legoland, then Sunday we're getting together with all of my cousins and their kids...at least most of the. So there will be 5 of my cousins and then 8 little cousins...so much fun that they have been able to grow up together so far...hopefully no one moves!

  4. Oh my goodness that is one very full house ♥ I can only imagine how much your boys are loving having their cousins around! You guys look like you are having a blast! I can't wait to see the photos!


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