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oh hey, friday | birthdays on birthdays

It is birthday central around here!
Brody turned freaking SIX years old yesterday.
And my farmer is turning 35 today.

Non-stop celebrating over here.
And... all while we are hacking up our lungs.
We are sick, and I sound like a man.
I guess it was bound to happen, since we had 10 children together for over a week.
Nothing can get us down though!

I will give Brody a post of his own next week... and maybe even my farmer if I am feeling ambitious.
But today, I thought I'd throw it back to some prior birthdays of his...

1 | FIVE

For Brody's fifth birthday we did our first birthday out.
And that was when I got smart about birthdays.
You can look at the party HERE.

I also wrote some things about my sweet boy turning five HERE.

2 | FOUR
This was probably my all time greatest party for Brody.
I did a train theme, and it turned out pretty great.
You can look at that HERE.

I also wrote some things about him turning four HERE.

Welllll.... this is right up there with my favorite parties.
This farm theme was pretty awesome, and turned out pretty cute.
You can see it HERE.

AND I wrote some things about Brody turning three HERE.

4 | TWO
Not my finest party moment, but I conquered my first tractor cake.
You can see it HERE.

Also, I seemed to have failed in taking any good pics for his birthday.
At least I can't find any.
Mom fail this year.

5 | ONE
Mustache bash for my guys.
You can check it out HERE.

And I kind of wrote something on his birthday, but not much. At least there is a cute picture of my first baby! It is HERE.

There you have it.
Now I'm going to cry about how fast my babies are growing.

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  1. Happy Birthday to both guys! Love all the photos. It's cute that you do the age balloons.


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