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FIRST BIRTHDAY | where the wild things are

I decided to go with the theme Where The Wild Things Are for Bennett, because.... well, he's a crazy wild child.
The theme fit him well.
I chose the date, location and theme early, so people would show up, but really I gave myself like 10 days to plan.
I think I work better under pressure.
After we got home from Thanksgiving I got busy!
I found all of our decor, chose a snack menu, and began baking sugar cookies.
This was my first try at royal icing.
And while I could use a whole lot of practice, I was pretty proud of myself.
Especially considering everything was egg free.
As guests arrived I had a table where they could crown themselves as well as write a note to Bennett in his Where the Wild Things Are book.
And then they had all of this deliciousness to keep them occupied for quite a while...
We had lots of friends and family come from all over to celebrate our precious little man.

Out of all of the things they enjoyed, I think the trail mix bar was a favorite.
I am most obsessed with the snack cups though that are actual images from the WTWTA book. 
After the food was devoured we tried to get our b-day boy to have some of his cake.
He wouldn't even have a taste.
Total fail.
But he did enjoy a cookie bigger than his face!
And Brody was happy to help out in the cake eating department.
Pin the tail on Max and tons of presents later, the party was already over. 
I had some fun little gift bags for the kids to take home though, so they could remember Bennett's party for ever like an additional day.
I can't believe that my baby is ONE!
One more party down, and maybe my last "big" one??
Until like 16 or something.

Party details:
Door sign, food signage, straw flags, banners and table confetti: Minted
Framed signs: Wink and Ink
Cake banner and Bennett's crown: Mosey Handmade
Gift bags, Where the Wild Things Are toothpicks, trail mix snack cups: Frolic and Frills
Bennett's shirt: Plucky Mustard
Pin the tail on Max: Oh Wow Design

SIDE NOTE: If anyone is interested in having a Where the Wild Things Are party... I have some extra decor that I would be willing to sell you for a great price. Shoot me an email HERE if you are interested and I can share with you what I have (some great stuff that I didn't even have the chance to use... aka brand new.)


  1. adore all of the details. what a lucky little one.

  2. Oh my gosh, you throw the best parties! Love every single thing!

  3. What recipe did you use for the no egg sugar cookies? My niece is allergic to eggs :(

    1. I just use cornstarch to replace the eggs. I do one tablespoon cornstarch to two tablespoons water. AND as far as the royal icing goes... it usually calls for egg whites. In mine I used powdered sugar, corn syrup, vanilla and milk... you can vary amount depending on the texture of frosting you want.

  4. This is seriously the cutest! I love the theme! Happy, happy birthday to your little guy ♥

  5. Love what you did mama!! Leo's first birthday party is this Saturday - and it's WILD ONE themed and we are having a trail mix bar too! :) Great minds <3

  6. Love what you did mama!! Leo's first birthday party is this Saturday - and it's WILD ONE themed and we are having a trail mix bar too! :) Great minds <3

  7. You're such a great mama. The party looks great.


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