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brody | SIX years old

Well, it turns out that six year olds have more attitude than five year olds.
At least, that is what happened in our household.
Brody seemed to be in constant trouble on his 6th birthday... and has been testing us quite a bit since.
I'm pretty sure he thinks that he knows eeeeeverything, and that has been causing some butting of heads around here.
I think he is coming around... fingers crossed... but I'd really like for him to grow up to not be an angry-bossy-know-it-all.
Luckily, this occasional behavior doesn't define him.
He has plenty of other traits that are amazing.
And today, I'd like to focus on those. :)
Brody is smart.
Sometimes too smart for his own good.
He is an amazing builder, and loves his legos!
He has been able to assemble multiple age ranges of legos solo.
And he loves it.
He also like to take them apart, sometimes color code them, and then rebuild/change them. 
He enjoys math, and will randomly say some math problem out loud to me. 
"Hey mom, 9 plus 6 equals 15."
Brody is responsible.
I am pretty sure that I could leave him to babysit Bennett for a day and they'd all be fine.
The house would be destroyed, but everyone would be fine.
He already likes to prepare himself meals and will help out in anyway that is asked.
He enjoys cleaning the floors, and accomplishing a task that is given to him.
He is creative.
He likes to craft things.... even in the kitchen... especially if they are sweet.
And his drawings are always amazing.
The games and scenarios that he and Beckam play are always very well thought out.

Brody is funny.
He loves a good joke, and loves it even more if he is the one telling it.
Potty talk makes him laugh every single time.

He is a mamas boy.
Even though we butt heads sometimes, he loves me a whole lot.
And hates to see me sad.
He really is a good boy.
Brody takes after his daddy.
He is like Ryan in so many ways, like his voice intonation for example.
But he is mostly like him because of his love for farming.
Seriously, by age 3 he knew more about farming than I do currently.
He knows the names of equipment, the crops, how they are harvested, etc.
Who knows if he will actually become a farmer however... because he currently states that he wants to be everything when he grows up.
He's certainly not limiting himself. Ha.

He sure loves to play with Beckam.
Maybe because he is older and can create and control most of what's taking place... but they play for hours everyday.
I hope that they will continue to do so, and be best friends forever... and perhaps let Bennett play with them some too. :)

We sure do love this kid.
I am certainly grateful for him too.
All the hugs, kisses and heart eyes for my big 6 year old.

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