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oh hey, friday | PARTY edition

Before the party post starts I wanted to remind you all that I have a big freshly picked giveaway going on right now on my IG page.
You can win a free pair of moccasins, and entering is super easy.
So, go do that.
Maybe after you read this post... :)

It's been a couple of weeks now since Brody turned six.
And I thought I should document his 6th birthday.
This was the least amount of planning I have done for a party.
And I am pretty sure I will be doing this again for future birthdays.
No stress, lots of fun, grainy cell phone pics.... mostly all wins.

Here is how Brody's sixth birthday went down...

1 | bowling
We met up with Karli and her gals in the big city for a bowling date!
Brody thought it would be fun to dress as super heroes while they bowled... so they did.
And they were cute.
We also used the bowling ramp, and Brody & Kaye perfected their ramp skills game. 

2 | eating
It just so happens that at this bowling alley, there is also a lovely waitress who brings you food and drinks... AND a massive surprise sundae for the birthday boy.
Pretty sure they were in a sugar coma for a solid hour after.

3 | bonding
It also turns out that a bowling alley is the perfect place for some bonding.
If I only knew what they were talking about!

And just look at this crew... Brody is a loved little guy.

4 | playing
After the bowling adventures, we said goodbye to the ladies and headed upstairs to play some games!
Our boys have never been to an arcade before, and they were geeking out. 
Until we ran out of money!
Those places are spendy!!!

5 | caking
To end off the day, we had a nice dinner with my farmer's parents.
AND we ate cake.
Brody requested a superhero cake... and saw a professional fondant covered one on pinterest he thought would be realllll nice.
I knew better than to even try.
Instead I found THIS free printable... (AND the nice lady even customized it for me... changed the name and the number... she's amazing!)
 And the inside of the cake...
 Turns out we don't need fondant to impress a six year old.

Now I have a couple of months before another birthday hits our family!

How do you guys like to party plan?
Do you like to go all out, or would you rather just go on a special outing?

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freshly picked | GIVEAWAY + new releases

Today is the day my friends...
Where my love of the perfect leather shoes + gelato mix. :)
Is this real life?
Freshly Picked is releasing a brand new line up of moccasins today, and the whole theme is gelato!
Happy dance...
This lovely pair that I am showing off today is... Hazelnut!
You just can't ever go wrong with Hazelnuts... moccs, gelato, nutella.
That's enough for me. 
In addition to this beaut, there are a few others that are just as yummy!!
Head over to Freshly Picked to snag a pair tomorrow (2/22) at 10am MST.
Don't wait though, because I foresee them going FAST!
If you don't have a pair of Freshly Picked moccasins yet, you need to bite the bullet friend.
I'm on my third kid, endless pairs of shoes and brands, and these are hands down my very favorite.
They are easy to get on and off, they don't fall off, they're not clunky and easy for kids to walk in... and they are super cute, with so many different designs to choose from.
Bennett literally giggles every single time I put them on his feet... he loves them too.
Lastly, if you would like to enter to win a brand new pair of FP moccasins, head over to my IG page HERE, to get entered!!


oh hey, friday | some SUPER embarrassing and awkward moments

You guys... yesterday was a real doozy.
I mean just thinking about it all and replaying it makes me uncomfortable.
SO, why not share it with the world, right!?

1 | letting it all hang out
It all started with a trip to the big city for an annual OB appointment.
I left the boys with my farmer, obviously.
I went through the whole check in process, and was then told I had to get down to nothing but my socks, and put on the gown.
NOW, to be fair, I haven't put on a hospital gown in like... forever, and I totally over thought this.
I put it on the traditional way (open in the back).
But, as I sat there waiting for what seemed like foreverrrrr, I began to overanalyze the gown.
It was a yearly check-up and I knew that there was going to be checking for lumps and bumps, so... maybe the gown was supposed to open in the front?
You know, easy access!
I was wishing that I had asked the nurse, and honestly debated sticking my head out the door to ask.
I finally had convinced myself... yes - open in the front. It's gotta be.
I was even super proud of myself for thinking I didn't even have to disrobe to change it... just stand up, arms in the holes, turn it, and voila!
As I began to execute my plan, the door began to open.
I swapped it around, and sat down quick, trying to play things off real smooth like.
But let me tell you... things were hanging out.
And I was not playing it off as cool as I had hoped.
After about 30 seconds of small talk, my doctor said... "stand up, let's fix your gown."
And I stood up to get things situated correctly.
I was wrong.
Always go open in the back... and always go with your first intuition.

2 | locked out of my car
One of my stops on this so far glorious day, was West Elm, to pick up a mirror that I've been waiting on for weeks.
I got there, and parallel parked my big-rig like a pro.
I never lock my car with the door, and usually always with the keys, but for some reason I didn't.
No worries though, because my keys were in my bag.
As I hopped out of the car, my phone fell onto the ground.
And as I found out later, at the same time my phone fell, the keys went with it... into the built-in storage of the door.
I finished at the store, and as I was walking to my car I was digging for my keys, which are always in a particular pocket in my bag.
They weren't there.
I peeked through the window to see if I had accidentally left them in the car... but didn't see them anywhere!
I walked back to west elm thinking surely they had fallen out of my bag. No.
I went into every store from my car to west elm asking if a set of keys had been brought in. No.
I emptied out my entire bag on a desk in west elm.
And I finally came to the conclusion that they must be in the car somewhere.
I called a locksmith who was amazingly quick, and came to my rescue.
It took about 45 seconds for him to break into my car (huh!?) and that is when I found the keys in the door.
And it cost be 45 dollars.
That guy basically gets paid a dollar per second.
I think I need to move to the big city and start a new profession.

3 | getting hit on?
I ran to a grocery store as my final stop of the day.
As I was walking back to my car with my goods, I noticed a guy standing next to an old van a couple of parking rows over.
(always be weary of old vans, kids)
It seemed like he may have been looking at me??
I kept the corner of my eye on him, while I was loading up the groceries, and then noticed as I was about to walk the cart back that he started heading my direction.
We both got to the side of my car at the same time.
At which time he said, "sorry."
And I was like, "huh?"
And he said, "oh I just like to say sorry."
And in my head, I'm like, "huh? Justin Bieber?"
And then he said, "you so pretty!"
And then I got in my car and locked the door.
As I started the car up, I was watching him in my rearview mirror smiling at me, doing a head nod, and biting his lip.
Instead of backing out of the parking spot, I obviously drove forward into the wrong way lane and high tailed it out of there.
Not so embarrassing - mostly just creepy.

4 | poo water
I was finally done with my day, and heading home.
What else would possibly happen?
I got a call from my farmer who told me that while he was finishing up a project outside... the poo hit the fan... or whistle in this case... inside.
To make a long story short... Brody had to poo, Bennett came into the bathroom with a toy whistle, he ended up throwing said whistle into the toilet (yes... the toilet that Brody was sitting/pooping on... and why he didn't close his legs, we still haven't figured out), Brody apparently loved this whistle, fished out the whistle, yelled for Beckam to come and wash off the whistle in the sink... and that is when my dear farmer came back inside.
Don't worry, the whistle has since been thrown away, much to Brody's disapproval, and all of the children were washed up very thoroughly.

5 | on a good note
Luckily, I don't have a fifth terrifying story to add to that 4 hours of our day yesterday.
So, instead I will leave you with a cute picture of family.
We just got our pictures back from the whole huge family photoshoot, and there were some of our individual family.
I will share more later, but for now, I'll just leave this right here.

And now, it's your turn.
Please tell you you've had some embarrassing moments this week.
I'd love to hear about them, so I don't feel so sorry for myself.

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brody | SIX years old

Well, it turns out that six year olds have more attitude than five year olds.
At least, that is what happened in our household.
Brody seemed to be in constant trouble on his 6th birthday... and has been testing us quite a bit since.
I'm pretty sure he thinks that he knows eeeeeverything, and that has been causing some butting of heads around here.
I think he is coming around... fingers crossed... but I'd really like for him to grow up to not be an angry-bossy-know-it-all.
Luckily, this occasional behavior doesn't define him.
He has plenty of other traits that are amazing.
And today, I'd like to focus on those. :)
Brody is smart.
Sometimes too smart for his own good.
He is an amazing builder, and loves his legos!
He has been able to assemble multiple age ranges of legos solo.
And he loves it.
He also like to take them apart, sometimes color code them, and then rebuild/change them. 
He enjoys math, and will randomly say some math problem out loud to me. 
"Hey mom, 9 plus 6 equals 15."
Brody is responsible.
I am pretty sure that I could leave him to babysit Bennett for a day and they'd all be fine.
The house would be destroyed, but everyone would be fine.
He already likes to prepare himself meals and will help out in anyway that is asked.
He enjoys cleaning the floors, and accomplishing a task that is given to him.
He is creative.
He likes to craft things.... even in the kitchen... especially if they are sweet.
And his drawings are always amazing.
The games and scenarios that he and Beckam play are always very well thought out.

Brody is funny.
He loves a good joke, and loves it even more if he is the one telling it.
Potty talk makes him laugh every single time.

He is a mamas boy.
Even though we butt heads sometimes, he loves me a whole lot.
And hates to see me sad.
He really is a good boy.
Brody takes after his daddy.
He is like Ryan in so many ways, like his voice intonation for example.
But he is mostly like him because of his love for farming.
Seriously, by age 3 he knew more about farming than I do currently.
He knows the names of equipment, the crops, how they are harvested, etc.
Who knows if he will actually become a farmer however... because he currently states that he wants to be everything when he grows up.
He's certainly not limiting himself. Ha.

He sure loves to play with Beckam.
Maybe because he is older and can create and control most of what's taking place... but they play for hours everyday.
I hope that they will continue to do so, and be best friends forever... and perhaps let Bennett play with them some too. :)

We sure do love this kid.
I am certainly grateful for him too.
All the hugs, kisses and heart eyes for my big 6 year old.


recipe | HOMEMADE chocolate pudding cups

First of all, Happy Valentine's Day to all of you lovelies!
Nothing says Valentine's Day, like a crap-ton of chocolate, amiright?
This recipe kind of came about on accident, and I'm certainly not mad about it.

My farmer loves pies. 
Specifically chocolate pie.
BUT... with Beckam's egg allergy, this led me to get creative. 
I looked through endless recipes, and came up with this one.
Basically these pudding cups, are the extra filling.
SO this recipe I am going to give you will make probably a dozen of these pudding cups.
It is super easy to make, and can be vegan if you know where to get the right chocolate chips. 
ALSO, there is one super sneaky secret ingredient...


10 ounce dark chocolate chips
1 can full fat coconut milk, chilled overnight
1/4 cup maple syrup
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 ripe avocado 

And that's it. 
It only takes about 15 minutes to prepare also...


1. Pour chocolate chips into a saucepan and then remove can of coconut milk from the refrigerator. Scoop the solidified cream from the can, placing it into the saucepan, along with 1/3 cup of the liquid... you might not use it all, and that is ok. You can discard the rest or use it for something else. :)

2. Warm the sacucepan over low to medium heat until the chocolate has all melted. Add the maple syrup and vanilla and stir until smooth. Set aside to cool.

3. Using kitchen aid/food processor/blender, add the avocado flesh and get nice and smooth. Mix in cooled chocolate sauce until smooth. Make sure there are no chunks of avocado. 

4. Pour mixture into cups (or a prebaked pie crust if you want) and refrigerate for at least 4 hours to set. 

5. Add toppings if you wish, and serve cold. ENJOY!
A fun, kind of healthy, treat for you and your kiddos. 
Super easy for your kids to help you make it too. 
Just don't let them know there is avocado in it.
OR do. Whatever.
 My boys don't care what is in it, they just know it's delicious!
So, give it a try... and tell me what you think!!!


oh hey, friday | birthdays on birthdays

It is birthday central around here!
Brody turned freaking SIX years old yesterday.
And my farmer is turning 35 today.

Non-stop celebrating over here.
And... all while we are hacking up our lungs.
We are sick, and I sound like a man.
I guess it was bound to happen, since we had 10 children together for over a week.
Nothing can get us down though!

I will give Brody a post of his own next week... and maybe even my farmer if I am feeling ambitious.
But today, I thought I'd throw it back to some prior birthdays of his...

1 | FIVE

For Brody's fifth birthday we did our first birthday out.
And that was when I got smart about birthdays.
You can look at the party HERE.

I also wrote some things about my sweet boy turning five HERE.

2 | FOUR
This was probably my all time greatest party for Brody.
I did a train theme, and it turned out pretty great.
You can look at that HERE.

I also wrote some things about him turning four HERE.

Welllll.... this is right up there with my favorite parties.
This farm theme was pretty awesome, and turned out pretty cute.
You can see it HERE.

AND I wrote some things about Brody turning three HERE.

4 | TWO
Not my finest party moment, but I conquered my first tractor cake.
You can see it HERE.

Also, I seemed to have failed in taking any good pics for his birthday.
At least I can't find any.
Mom fail this year.

5 | ONE
Mustache bash for my guys.
You can check it out HERE.

And I kind of wrote something on his birthday, but not much. At least there is a cute picture of my first baby! It is HERE.

There you have it.
Now I'm going to cry about how fast my babies are growing.

But you can link up!
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oh hey, friday | how to wrangle TEN KIDS

It has been busy since the last oh hey, friday!
My farmer's brother brought his family of 6 over from Hawaii.
And his sister had her family of 5.
We all met up in Walla Walla over the weekend to get all TEN cousins together for the first time... ever.
It was fun. And loud. And wild. But mostly fun.

We came back to the farm on Monday and were able to bring everyone with us except my farmer's sister, her hubby and baby. BUT we snagged her two oldest boys to hang with the cousins for the week too.

This is what we have done to keep the kids busy and happy...

1 | pictures
Well... this might not have happened to keep them busy OR happy, but regardless we did lots of picture taking.
We even did a professional shoot, that I am anxiously waiting to see the results of.
We just had to document this sweet age.

2 | party
Brody was super excited to have an impromptu party with this cousins.
I whipped up some super hero cupcakes, dressed them all in the appropriate gear, got them all a superhero lego, and BOOM - superhero party complete.
Big win.

3 | snow
These kids never tire of the snow.
Especially the Hawaii cousins.
They obviously don't see much snow there.
So they have all been loving it!
Snow piles, sledding, etc... for hours!!

4 | hot springs
You can never go wrong with a quick trip to the hot springs.
With the whole slew of kids we went to an indoor one that is geared much more towards kids, and they had a blast!
Especially with the slides and this fun log...

5 | food/toys/baths/sleepovers
All of the other miscellaneous activities that have been a favorite amongst the group.
The cousins sleepovers are probably my favorite.
Seeing 7 kids crammed into a small room is pretty precious... and hearing their giggles for an hour before falling asleep is pretty cute too.
My boys aren't going to know what to do with themselves once all of their cousins go home.
I have a feeling they will be very lonely.

 What have you all been up to!?
Any big plans for the Super Bowl?
Valentines Day?
Give me all the details!

And then... link up!
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