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oh hey, friday | maybe i'm going to be a reality tv star

It has been one crazy week!
Maybe the craziest part being an email/call from a casting producer about the possibility of being on a reality tv show.
This is the second time this has happened to me.
The first time I was like 45 weeks pregnant with Beckam and they asked if I'd submit a casting video.
No. Definitely not.
I didn't do it, and I have never seen a show about farmer's wives... they must've just been missing their key star. ME.
So, we will see where this second go around takes us.
Stay tuned.
You just might be seeing this mug on your tv...

For now, let's just hop right into oh hey, friday!

1 | minnesota
We finally got home Monday night Tuesday morning from Minnesota after a very late night of traveling.
Delayed flight, missed connection, change flight, etc.
Luckily our boys are excellent travelers, and the 10:45 pm flight didn't phase them.
Brody and Beckam shared three seats.
They curled up and passed out.
Bennett insisted that ONLY Ryan could hold him until he fell asleep.
I'm chopped liver anymore.
That's ok though because I got to put my energy towards eavesdropping on a drunk girl chat with her seat neighbor. Very entertaining.

Our trip was so so fun!
We went to visit one of my besties, who JUST had a baby girl.
We had nonstop fun from playing at an indoor playground, the mall of america, the zoo, ice fishing, shopping kid-free, and doing scavenger hunts with the little ones.
Here are some pics straight from my phone for you to enjoy...
I have the best friends.
And the very best husband.
And I am already ready to go back to MN.

2 | snowmen
Turns out that it is colder in Idaho than in Minnesota.
The boys were excited to build snowmen when we got back.
A friend had given me a snowman kit, and the boys really took advantage of the colors.
Nothing like a bloody snowman to look at everyday.
P.s. it's supposed to be a red sweater.

3 | broken down
Do you guys follow me on Instagram?
If you don't, you should, because sometimes I do stories about how my husbands truck breaks down on the busiest street in Idaho.
Like broke, broke.
Something with a fuel pump or lift???
All I know is something broke.
And a quick trip to the dermatologist turned into a very long day.

4 | valentines day
It's coming right up!
I am obsessed with these shirts that my boys just got, and wanted to share the love in case you still need something for you or your little one.
These are all from Plucky Mustard, and the mama hand paints every. single. shirt.
Go check her out, and use code FARMER for free shipping! :)
(Bennett clearly wasn't feeling this photo shoot.)

5 | here we go again
We are taking off this morning and headed on another adventure.
My husbands brother and his family are coming in from Hawaii and the whole family is getting to meet up.
I can't wait to see all 10 of the cousins play together.
We are also doing a huge family photo session.
Wish us luck with that one.

I hope you all have a suuuuper weekend.
Go ahead and get your link-up on with this fancy new button!



  1. Oh my goodness! A reality show? How crazy would that be? I would totally watch haha. Looks like you had an awesome trip, I love Minneapolis... well not so much in January, but still! Have a great time with your family! xx

  2. Oh my gosh, the snowmen! I love it. It looks like you guys had a great trip. And hellooooo, reality TV. :D

  3. Goof luck with the reality show possibility! Even if nothing comes of it the fact they are considering you is pretty cool. Your boys are so cute! Enjoy all of the family time and crazy adventures. Beautifully Candid

  4. I would totally watch if you ended up on a reality show! You would add some much needed class to the world of reality TV, that is for sure!!

    Happy Friday!

    Chels @ Red Velvet Rooster

  5. A reality show sounds pretty crazy...& exciting! Good luck :).

    I spent all last winter up in Minnesota! Being from Kentucky, this girl was not a fan of ALL that snow. Ha!!

  6. I love that you were here AND had a good time in Winter ha we get such a bad wrap sometimes :( also is that your friend jumping and just had a baby girl!? And I was happy about my speedy recovery... bummer on the truck!!! Have a great weekend!

  7. Glad you had a great time in MN! I miss MN spring & fall...but not winter lol. That would be so awesome if you were on reality TV!

  8. How exciting about the reality show! You will have to tell us more. I went to Minnesota a while back during the winter and there was so much snow. I had no idea what to do ha ha! Such fun photos!! Sounds like you had an amazing time ♥


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