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bennett | ONE year old

AND... in what seemed like a month, my newborn became a one year old.
The most sweet, stubborn, spunky and screechy one year old there ever was. :)
Bennett has a whole lot of personality, and he makes us laugh everyday. 
He also makes himself laugh everyday, which I think is a very good trait. 
He thinks that copying someone is the best.
And making animal noises might be the funniest thing in the world.
I'm pretty sure that dancing, with a little bit of singing, is his best talent currently. 
He has a fierce head shake.
It is definitely going to be bringing all the girls to the yard. 
My littlest friend is still not walking, and I'm pretty much shocked.
He is taking lots and lots of steps though.
So any day now he will be teetering through our house getting injured on just about everything.
Or, maybe not.
I mean, he has really mastered his speed crawl.
Head down. Crawl fast. It is quite impressive.
I'm anxious for him to start talking and stop screeching.
So, so loud!
At least it is really easy to know when Beckam is either: a. smothering him or b. stealing a toy/food from him.
Dead giveaway.
He is talking some though... mama, dada, bubba, up, no (nah), wawa and mmmmm... which is a very important "word" to describe how delicious your food is.

Speaking of food, Bennett likes to eat.
And drink for that matter.
He is a big fan of fruits and vegetables luckily.
He also loves cheese and yogurt.
And will also eat anything else that I feed him... for now.
Also, every time he sees his cup he acts like he hasn't had a drink in days. Water boy!

likes |
He likes to always be with someone... I think this is what happens being the youngest? He is just so used to people constantly being around. Brody and Beckam both like to play independently but not Bennett. Maybe in time.

Playing in the water! Bath time is one of his favorite times.

Going places... usually with daddy because there are always fun adventures.

Shoving things in his mouth - particularly rocks, if we are outside.

Pulling down objects from high places.

dislikes |
Getting buckled into his carseat... once he is in, he's fine, but the buckling part is NOT fun. He is a professional at the arched back.

Having his picture taken... he is a good sport, but he definitely doesn't like it.

milestones |
First steps!! That is definitely the biggest. He is just so cute to watch as he tries to get from one thing to another... a look of determination. And then the best laugh when he makes it.

First big road trip to CA for Thanksgiving.

Back on track with sleeping a solid 12+ hours a night.

He is still a big boy! Getting actual stats next Wednesday, but he is a tall guy!

And now for the monthly growth milestones...
These monthly pictures have been so fun, but I'm not sad they are over. I REALLY have had to work to get these last few months.
It is amazing to see how much, and how fast, they grow.

Bennett Zane, you are one LOVED little boy!
Let's take year 2 at a slower pace, mmmmk?


  1. I love his sweater outfit and his furry crown. At first I thought you had done something special with his hair. Happy birthday, little guy!

  2. Ahhhh!!! Looooove all these pictures!!!!! He's adorable and it's so crazy he's one!!!

  3. he is the cutest!! I love these pics

  4. He has grown so fast ♥ Happy birthday to your adorable little one!


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