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oh, hey friday | where to shop for kids + discount codes

You may or may not know that my boys are models.
Instagram models.
We rep for quite a few small shops around the US.
In exchange for adorable pictures of my boys, we get discounts or free items.
It's really a win win as far as I am concerned.
And it helps that I LOVE these small shops a lot.

I am going to share a few with you today that you need to get to know....

1 | periwinkle jazz
Please tell me you guys have heard about Periwinkle Jazz.
If you have children, you will be obsessed.
Because I certainly am.
And if you don't have kids, buy your friends with kids anything from her shop and they will love you forever.
Harems, rompers, (sweat)shirts, beanies and bibs out of the cutest fabrics!
And, a major bonus, the shop owner (Jessica) is the sweetest and best to work with.
You can customize most all orders since she hand makes everything.
I have a pair of "I'm one" harems for Bennett that I can't wait to photograph him in. They are amazing. As well as all of this goodness...

These tractor pants are brand spanking new and will be released to the public soon, along with some fishing and hunting versions (in a very limited quantity). 
Basically your husband will beg you to buy them for your babe.
(escape kids shirt)

To follow Periwinkle Jazz on IG go HERE.
Friends and family code for discount at Periwinkle Jazz: TEAMFARMER

2 | shuttlebum
Skuttlebum has some adorable clothes that we love.
They have new releases often and clothes that are super comfortable and durable.
Also, very affordable, which is a plus!
(beckam - shirt: citizen beach, pants: periwinkle jazz)

To follow Skuttlebum on IG go HERE.
Friends and family code for discount at Skuttlebum: THEBBOYS15

3 | mama heart co.
Mama Heart Co. is a one stop shop.
They've got mama clothes, girly dresses, adorable graphic tees, etc.
We just love Lea and her shop!!
Bennett is wearing her "Game Day" shirt three pictures up ^ too.
(brody's shirt: brave threads... discount code: braveteam10)

To follow Mama Heart Co. on IG go HERE.
Friends and family code for discount at Mama Heart Co.: BBB

4 | hen house apparel
I am so in love with Hen House Apparel's winter fabrics.
Bennett's pants are beyond cute.
AND she makes a dress out of it that is perfection.
This cardigan is awesome too and so easy to add some spice to any outfit.
And I think we can all agree that this shirt is amazing. :)

To follow Hen House Apparel on IG go HERE.
Friends and family code for discount at Hen House Apparel: 20OFF (mention @3minifarmers)

5 | george hats
Any and every hat worn above ^ is from George Hats.
They have hats for all year round.
The style is always on point.
They are comfortable for all of my boys, and they don't tear them off.
AND she has a new floral print coming out that all you girl mama's will adore!

To follow George Hats on IG go HERE.
Friends and family code for discount at George Hats: FFSHARE10 (mention @3minifarmers)

There are SO many amazing small shops that I love, and have the boys wear often.
If you would like to see them on a daily basis be sure to follow them HERE at @3minifarmers.


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