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oh hey, friday | some modeling from my boys

Yes, I am yelling.
Because my life is literally flashing before my eyes!

I have one month before my baby turns one.
And after your baby turns one, they miraculously are about to turn 6.
I don't understand it, but it's practically science.

SO, in honor of my children going off to college soon, let's look at how adorable they were this week...

1 | bennett
I was full on sweating during this little photoshoot of dear, sweet Bennett.
I was hoping to get him standing up, leaning on the white building, looking at me. 
But instead it went a little something like this... 

Sit down, grab a rock, shove it in mouth. (rock gets removed)
Crawl away, grab a rock, shove it in mouth. (rock gets removed)
Gets put in new location, grab a rock, shove it in mouth. (mom gets a picture with rock in mouth)
Another new location, rocks on top of shelf, try to grab. (mom gets a picture)

You get the idea.
It was a workout. 
I need to get a lot funnier, because he was paying NO attention to any of my antics.

2 | beckam
My sweet Beckam.
My little clucker.
He has been hard to figure out lately, but I am pretty certain this precious middle child needs a little more one on one attention.
Any fun mom/son date ideas??

3 | broderick
My working boy.
He has been out in the field all week again, and I can hardly believe how grown up he seems.
It may be going to his head a little, because he comes home acting a bit bossy. Hmmm.

4 | brothers
These pictures are hilarious to me, because it shows exactly how they are with each other.
Bennett wants some space so he can go and eat some rocks.
Brody is so patient with Bennett and tries hard to help him stand.
Beckam is a little too rough and doesn't really want to do what mommy is asking of him.
Oh, sweet boys.

5 | big boys
I can't handle these!!!
I have a dozen pictures of these two from this shoot, and they just kill me.

They are such goofballs
And I love them SO freaking much.

Time to go snuggle my babies while they still let me.


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  1. They are seriously so precious!

  2. I totally love your assessment of what happens after your baby turns one and couldn't agree with you more (especially since our second/last went to college this year)It made me chuckle out loud!!! I also want the camo baseball tee your little guy is wearing...it's so dang cute!!!

  3. Your boys are just precious! I have a daughter, but am due with a son in January. I agree with how fast they grow up! My daughter will be 5!! I don't even know how that happened. Thankfully she loves to be snuggled and I take all the snuggles I can get right now!

  4. Oh my gosh! I laughed out loud at the pics of all three of them :D So cute!

  5. they are SO cute!!!! love it and can't believe our baby boys are almost ONE. ahhh


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