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bennett | 11 months

I have been torturing myself and looking back at Bennett's pictures as a newborn. 
He is certainly way more toddler-ish than baby-ish now.
And he is so so fun. 
I just know that I am going to miss it. 
Even this stage. 
And I wish time would chill out and slow down a bit. 
But, we will enjoy it now.
All of this little guys quirks, and his blossoming personality. :)
Bennett has learned lately how to let people, aka his brothers, know his feelings.
This usually involves a shriek of disapproval when his toy is taken away, or if he is getting smothered too hard.
It might also be a shriek of approval when they are all having fun together.
Although it is not the most pleasant sound, it is nice that he can kind of speak his mind now.
We have an explorer on our hands. 
He loves to crawl around touching everything.
Opening everything. 
Anything that spins is spun.
Anything that has a hole is poked.
And anything that is a rock is put into his mouth.
I think he may be a tad indecisive, and I hope he outgrows it soon.
He is super happy, until he's not.
He wants to be held, but wants to be put down.
He wants another bite, but might drop it on the ground.
We have another animal lover here too.
He makes the cutest little kitty sound I've ever heard. 
It is so sweet and quiet and opposite of that new shriek he has learned. 

likes |
We have a biter! He has bitten his brothers on occasion, but he mostly likes to gnaw on his crib. Good thing this is it's last use, because it is going to need a total makeover and this guy is done with it. *sigh*
He will eat anything. Really. If it is put in front of him, he will eat it. We have also learned that he is not allergic to eggs or peanuts. So that is a plus.
Obsessed with his daddy still.
Loves to laugh and dance... he thinks he is hilarious.
He likes to play music.
He likes to drive in tractors, and play in the dirt.

dislikes |
He is really pretty chill....
But I suppose he doesn't like getting changed. Diaper or clothes.
He doesn't like having what he is playing with getting taken away.
He doesn't like to feel left out. He has major FOMO... especially with daddy.
And I have a really hard time trying to get him to smile at the camera. He thinks I am so lame.

milestones |
He can say... mama, dada, bubu, uhoh, no, up, more, and he can meow and bark. haha.
He has 6 teeth.
He is about 25 pounds and 29 inches.
He has been pushing around his little baby walker lots, and will inevitably try to start walking soon.

And here is a little walk down memory lane...

Bennett Zane, you are one LOVED little boy!!!!

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