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oh hey, friday | i cut my hair + and more exciting things

Things are getting cray cray up in here.
And I don't every say cray cray.
A few brief tidbits about my week...

1 | giveaway
Did you guys see the giveaway going on right now?
$50 to PinkBlush.
You can read about it HERE.
But free things are always a plus.
And this dress is awesome.

2 | hair
I went and chopped my hair short again.
It was getting to that awkward stage where you either decide to grow it out, or chop it off.
I clearly went with chop.
All I have to share with you is this awesome selfie in my car.

3 | beets
Today is the day that we have all been waiting for.
We are going to finish digging sugar beets.
And by we, I obviously don't mean me.
My farmer has been working so SO hard, and I am glad that he won't have the stress of that hanging over him.
The boys, on the other hand, are going to be so sad that beets are finished.
BUT, now it's time for corn to be combined.

4 | christmas
I know that it isn't even Thanksgiving, but I put up a crapload of Christmas lights this week.
It is getting colder by the day, and my farmer has been so busy, so I decided to conquer it solo.
Well... solo with a couple of miniature helpers.
Only one of which is really any help at all.
It is looking quite festive here though, and I LOVE IT!

5 | vacation
We are leaving bright and early tomorrow morning and driving to California for a week of fun with family and friends.
I'll try to keep up with Instagram.
But, you can guarantee I won't be blogging.
And neither should you.
Oh hey, Friday is off for next week, so we will see you back in two weeks!

You can still link up this week though!

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Have a great Thanksgiving friends!
If you are reading this, I am thankful for YOU! :)


what to wear for family pictures + GIVEAWAY

As many of you might know, I was struggling to find the perfect outfit for our family photos.
The struggle is real. Always.
Being the only girl in my bunch, I want to be able to look pretty, yet be comfortable enough to frolic with the boys.
I tried on so many outfits.
I purchased and returned so many items.
And then, it happened, I found the perfect dress.
And I am going to share the goodness with you all today because you deserve to not have to work as hard as I did to find it.
This beaut came from PinkBlush.
I was familiar with this company when I was pregnant, and had purchased some maternity clothes from them.
And was pleasantly surprised to see they have a whole woman's line in addition to their maternity line.
This dress really fit the bill for me.
Not too tight - hide the tummy flab. Check.
Classic design that I can wear many more times. Check.
Able to dress up or down easily. Check.
Show off a little leg, which is probably my best feature as of late. Check.
Can we talk about the hem on the bottom some more?
I am not a fan of high-low hems, but low-high-low hems?
Count me in.
It added just the right touch of "cool" to this and is actually what sold me on it. 
And I think I was able to pull off the whole, "match your family for pictures but not matchy-match."
Ya know?
What do you guys think? Love? Hate?
Did you get family pictures taken yet?
If not, DO IT! You will never regret it. Promise.
Still adore all of ours from Stephanie Mballo.
To make a long story longer, I love this dress, and think you should have one for yourself.
SO, how about a $50 gift card to PinkBlush?!
Entering is going to be SUPER duper easy, because that's all anyone has got time for, right?
Head to my IG page to enter: HERE, or just do it below. :) 

GO, go, GO!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


oh, hey friday | where to shop for kids + discount codes

You may or may not know that my boys are models.
Instagram models.
We rep for quite a few small shops around the US.
In exchange for adorable pictures of my boys, we get discounts or free items.
It's really a win win as far as I am concerned.
And it helps that I LOVE these small shops a lot.

I am going to share a few with you today that you need to get to know....

1 | periwinkle jazz
Please tell me you guys have heard about Periwinkle Jazz.
If you have children, you will be obsessed.
Because I certainly am.
And if you don't have kids, buy your friends with kids anything from her shop and they will love you forever.
Harems, rompers, (sweat)shirts, beanies and bibs out of the cutest fabrics!
And, a major bonus, the shop owner (Jessica) is the sweetest and best to work with.
You can customize most all orders since she hand makes everything.
I have a pair of "I'm one" harems for Bennett that I can't wait to photograph him in. They are amazing. As well as all of this goodness...

These tractor pants are brand spanking new and will be released to the public soon, along with some fishing and hunting versions (in a very limited quantity). 
Basically your husband will beg you to buy them for your babe.
(escape kids shirt)

To follow Periwinkle Jazz on IG go HERE.
Friends and family code for discount at Periwinkle Jazz: TEAMFARMER

2 | shuttlebum
Skuttlebum has some adorable clothes that we love.
They have new releases often and clothes that are super comfortable and durable.
Also, very affordable, which is a plus!
(beckam - shirt: citizen beach, pants: periwinkle jazz)

To follow Skuttlebum on IG go HERE.
Friends and family code for discount at Skuttlebum: THEBBOYS15

3 | mama heart co.
Mama Heart Co. is a one stop shop.
They've got mama clothes, girly dresses, adorable graphic tees, etc.
We just love Lea and her shop!!
Bennett is wearing her "Game Day" shirt three pictures up ^ too.
(brody's shirt: brave threads... discount code: braveteam10)

To follow Mama Heart Co. on IG go HERE.
Friends and family code for discount at Mama Heart Co.: BBB

4 | hen house apparel
I am so in love with Hen House Apparel's winter fabrics.
Bennett's pants are beyond cute.
AND she makes a dress out of it that is perfection.
This cardigan is awesome too and so easy to add some spice to any outfit.
And I think we can all agree that this shirt is amazing. :)

To follow Hen House Apparel on IG go HERE.
Friends and family code for discount at Hen House Apparel: 20OFF (mention @3minifarmers)

5 | george hats
Any and every hat worn above ^ is from George Hats.
They have hats for all year round.
The style is always on point.
They are comfortable for all of my boys, and they don't tear them off.
AND she has a new floral print coming out that all you girl mama's will adore!

To follow George Hats on IG go HERE.
Friends and family code for discount at George Hats: FFSHARE10 (mention @3minifarmers)

There are SO many amazing small shops that I love, and have the boys wear often.
If you would like to see them on a daily basis be sure to follow them HERE at @3minifarmers.


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bennett | 11 months

I have been torturing myself and looking back at Bennett's pictures as a newborn. 
He is certainly way more toddler-ish than baby-ish now.
And he is so so fun. 
I just know that I am going to miss it. 
Even this stage. 
And I wish time would chill out and slow down a bit. 
But, we will enjoy it now.
All of this little guys quirks, and his blossoming personality. :)
Bennett has learned lately how to let people, aka his brothers, know his feelings.
This usually involves a shriek of disapproval when his toy is taken away, or if he is getting smothered too hard.
It might also be a shriek of approval when they are all having fun together.
Although it is not the most pleasant sound, it is nice that he can kind of speak his mind now.
We have an explorer on our hands. 
He loves to crawl around touching everything.
Opening everything. 
Anything that spins is spun.
Anything that has a hole is poked.
And anything that is a rock is put into his mouth.
I think he may be a tad indecisive, and I hope he outgrows it soon.
He is super happy, until he's not.
He wants to be held, but wants to be put down.
He wants another bite, but might drop it on the ground.
We have another animal lover here too.
He makes the cutest little kitty sound I've ever heard. 
It is so sweet and quiet and opposite of that new shriek he has learned. 

likes |
We have a biter! He has bitten his brothers on occasion, but he mostly likes to gnaw on his crib. Good thing this is it's last use, because it is going to need a total makeover and this guy is done with it. *sigh*
He will eat anything. Really. If it is put in front of him, he will eat it. We have also learned that he is not allergic to eggs or peanuts. So that is a plus.
Obsessed with his daddy still.
Loves to laugh and dance... he thinks he is hilarious.
He likes to play music.
He likes to drive in tractors, and play in the dirt.

dislikes |
He is really pretty chill....
But I suppose he doesn't like getting changed. Diaper or clothes.
He doesn't like having what he is playing with getting taken away.
He doesn't like to feel left out. He has major FOMO... especially with daddy.
And I have a really hard time trying to get him to smile at the camera. He thinks I am so lame.

milestones |
He can say... mama, dada, bubu, uhoh, no, up, more, and he can meow and bark. haha.
He has 6 teeth.
He is about 25 pounds and 29 inches.
He has been pushing around his little baby walker lots, and will inevitably try to start walking soon.

And here is a little walk down memory lane...

Bennett Zane, you are one LOVED little boy!!!!


oh hey, friday | some modeling from my boys

Yes, I am yelling.
Because my life is literally flashing before my eyes!

I have one month before my baby turns one.
And after your baby turns one, they miraculously are about to turn 6.
I don't understand it, but it's practically science.

SO, in honor of my children going off to college soon, let's look at how adorable they were this week...

1 | bennett
I was full on sweating during this little photoshoot of dear, sweet Bennett.
I was hoping to get him standing up, leaning on the white building, looking at me. 
But instead it went a little something like this... 

Sit down, grab a rock, shove it in mouth. (rock gets removed)
Crawl away, grab a rock, shove it in mouth. (rock gets removed)
Gets put in new location, grab a rock, shove it in mouth. (mom gets a picture with rock in mouth)
Another new location, rocks on top of shelf, try to grab. (mom gets a picture)

You get the idea.
It was a workout. 
I need to get a lot funnier, because he was paying NO attention to any of my antics.

2 | beckam
My sweet Beckam.
My little clucker.
He has been hard to figure out lately, but I am pretty certain this precious middle child needs a little more one on one attention.
Any fun mom/son date ideas??

3 | broderick
My working boy.
He has been out in the field all week again, and I can hardly believe how grown up he seems.
It may be going to his head a little, because he comes home acting a bit bossy. Hmmm.

4 | brothers
These pictures are hilarious to me, because it shows exactly how they are with each other.
Bennett wants some space so he can go and eat some rocks.
Brody is so patient with Bennett and tries hard to help him stand.
Beckam is a little too rough and doesn't really want to do what mommy is asking of him.
Oh, sweet boys.

5 | big boys
I can't handle these!!!
I have a dozen pictures of these two from this shoot, and they just kill me.

They are such goofballs
And I love them SO freaking much.

Time to go snuggle my babies while they still let me.


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