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oh hey, friday | first world + farm problems

I sat down to write this post, and proceeded to spend at least an hour perusing Pinterest for first birthday party ideas for Bennett.
He is turning one is 7 weeks!!!!
SEVEN. How!?

1 | bennett's birthday
I keep going back and forth.
Do I throw a big party for his 1st birthday or not?
We did for both Brody and Beckam.
BUT their birthdays weren't directly before Christmas...
and the December birthday curse starts early for our baby.
I think that we will end up doing it.
Or maybe we won't.
Any fun first birthday themes I should go with for our little wild man!?

2 | sugar beets
If you follow me on instagram, you may have seen the little IG live video I put on there of harvest.
We are in full swing for the next couple of weeks.
And by we, I mean my husband.
And apparently Brody too.
He has been waking up early every morning, eating breakfast, getting dressed and heading out the door with Ryan.
He has never really cared for sleep, and he fittingly wore this shirt yesterday...
We don't see our farmer much, because fitting me and three children in the tractor with my hubby isn't very practical.
Or possible.

3 | kitties
It's no secret that Beckam is our animal lover.
He is obsessed with our new kitties.
He now carries them EVERYWHERE.
He helps them climb trees, puts them on his scooter, and in general doesn't put them down.
I kinda feel bad for them, but I think they love it.
They run to him.
They are basically asking for it.

4 | house
We have been in our house for about 10 years.
I am suddenly getting the urge to want to change things.
Mostly the outside.
New lights?
New paint color?
Yes please.
Fingers crossed that these sugar beets contain a whole lot of sugar so maybe I can have a fun new project!!!

5 | obsession
I don't really have anything profound to say about this, other than the fact that I am obsessed with this baby.
Just look at his face!

Cheers to a fantastic Friday friends!

And now,  LINK UP! Grab that HTML and go put it on your blog.


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  2. I can't believe Bennett is going to be 1 already! 7 weeks is going to fly by. My due date is in 10 weeks and I can't believe it. Is it sad that I'm already thinking about my daughter's first birthday party and she hasn't even been born yet?! (Ice princess themed, fitting for my December girl- if she is born in December like planned). And that kitten is so cute! Jesse has been wanting to add a kitten to our family but I said we have to wait until we move into a bigger house in 3 years. 3 dogs and a baby is surely enough right now, plus I keep wanting to get a 4th dog (I know, I'm crazy) but that's going to have to wait too.


  3. My little guy turns 1 the week before Christmas. We are doing a Wild One/Lumberjack theme for his party. Super fun ideas on pinterest.

  4. Well, you know what I think about what you should do about the December birthday party, so I don't need to say anything about that. When do you get to test the sugar beets for their sugar content? I hope it's a good year. Those three little boys are amazing. I love it that Brody is getting up early to go out and work with Daddy. Tell Ryan hi if you see him.

  5. Love the pic of Beckam and the kitty!

  6. We did a "First Fiesta" for our first boy. It was so much fun, and I loved all of it - the piƱata, the taco bar, the churro cupcakes! :) I've decided that we are gonna do this same theme for all of our kiddos' first birthdays. So, we will be throwing another fiesta in a couple of months! :)

  7. For our little guy's first birthday we did a Where the Wild Things Are theme. We love the book and being able to put "Reese is a Wild One" on the invites was perfect for his wild personality :) haha Also Beckam and the kitty, so cute!


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