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bennett | 10 months

10 months!??
How did that happen?
Bennett has started to form quite a personality, and we have a feisty one folks!
How is it possible that a 10 month old can be so opinionated?
I'm not entirely sure, but he's lucky he is so precious.
He has already thrown some fits, and this is so out of the ordinary from his older brothers at the same age. 
Perhaps he will be an angel when he turns two.
The fits aren't very often luckily, and he truly just wants to be independent.
He is the speediest of speed crawlers, and we always have to be one step ahead of him.
This usually involves making sure the bathroom door is shut, because apparently playing in the toilet water is a fun activity.
Also unplugging anything he can reach, and plugging the outlets with those fancy plastic covers. He is a fan of power cords. 
Bennett has started talking a little bit more, and instead of just family members names... mama, dada, bubu, papa... he can also say bye-bye while he waves, and uh-oh when he purposely drops EVERYTHING off of the table. 
He is still a big fan of his big bothers, and likes to get into whatever they are playing with. 
The big boys have learned that putting toys on our kitchen table to play with is the best.
Farewell to a tidy dining room. 
I love it when they all play together though, and get a glimpse into the future of all the playing/fighting that is to come. 

likes |
The kid will eat almost anything. But he really likes to be the one feeding himself.
He likes to crawl around everywhere and put all the things in his mouth. Leaves are a recent favorite.
Music and dancing are his thing. He loves to get down. When music comes on he has an instant smile of his face, and the bouncing commences. 
He loves to laugh. Usually at his brothers. It might be silly faces they make, tickling they do, or the games of chase that they play.
He is still obsessed with his daddy, and wants to go with him at any moment of any day. He generally only wants me when he is hungry or has pooped himself, but I'll take whatever I can get.

dislikes | 
He doesn't like to be left in his crib when he is awake. If he wakes up, he wants to be picked up. He can last in there about 5 minutes before he gets angry.
He really doesn't like being forced to lay still for a picture. In fact, he won't do it. You should see the circus I put on to get just ONE picture. Literally, the picture below is the ONLY one I got of him. So long are the days where I could get 50+ to choose from.

milestones |
My little friend decided to cut FOUR teeth at once last week. His top four. And he was sick at the same time. Perhaps that is why the fits were occurring. Little guys was probably miserable. 
He has stood by himself a couple of times without holding on to anything. I can't help but think that walking is just around the corner. 
My guy is still a tank. He measured in the 95th percentile for height and head size a couple of weeks ago, and his weight was 80th percentile. He doesn't have many rolls on his body, but he is solid as rock.

I love this kid so much, and while I hate to see him grow so fast, I love that he is such a sweet boy and still loves his snuggles.


  1. Can I actually just have all of his outfits for myself? Thanks.

  2. Oh my gosh, he has the cutest outfits! Especially that first one.


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