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styling a three year old | joyaltee

Over the past few months I started "shopping small" for a lot of my kids' clothing. 
You may have read the post I did last month on my favorite small shops.
If you didn't, you can find it HERE.
I will be updating that with some new shops soon, but I had to tell you about one today.

Joyaltee is a new favorite.
They make all of their pants from upcycled and reused garments and textiles. 
I love this because everything is a little different and unique... like all of our kids, right!?
I mean... look at Beckam's "scar face" as of a few days ago....
These pants are from Joyaltee, and Beckam is obsessed with them. 
They are warm, cozy, versatile and best of all... he doesn't need my help to undo his pants to go to the bathroom. 
So many wins. 
Oh, and he is convinced that they make him run extra fast. 
These are pretty neutral and will be a part of the "uniform collection" in her shop.
She has some awesome statement pieces also.
I mean, just think back to some of the wild shirts that you have once owned, and then turn those into some rad pants. 
It's like perfection in sewing.
The one thing that never gets old with small shops is their dedication to making every single piece by hand. 
Cut and sewn with love. 
So much dedication and pride going into it.
And because I love Alix and her shop, I thought you should read a bit about her from her own words...

"I am a SAHM to two beautiful kids, 2 and 3 years old. :)
I started making and selling baby clothes because I wanted to have cool, fun, one of a kind clothing for my tiny people, that expressed their personalities!
I have my BS in Textile Manufacturing and Marketing as well as in Fashion Merchandising, both from the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. 
I have been sewing for 25+ years and up until recently I was running a company named, Mamaka Mills, making custom Memory Quilts.
I'm having a blast making baby clothes from recycled t-shirts!!"

She's a true gem.
Go check out and follow all of their sites here...
website | instagram | facebook | pinterest

I have to say that their instagram in one of my favorites.
I love watching them tie dye on the IG live, and the occasional peeks of Alix's hubby in his short shorts is awesome.

And I also like to peruse every piece made because they are like pieces of artwork.

Now, go and tell Alix hi, and buy your kid an amazing pair of pants while you are at it!

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