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oh hey, friday | basically I just need your help...

We got family pictures done two years ago...

And it is time to get more outdoor photos done, especially since we have another child.
Our family pictures are in just two days, and I need YOUR help!!

1 | ink tag
First and foremost, I ordered a shirt for Brody to wear.
It is super cute.
BUT it came with an ink tag still on it!
It's not like I can just easily run it to the store to take off, and pictures are in two days.
Who knows how to get those off without ruining the shirt???
I promise I bought it, and didn't shoplift it. :)

2 | makeup
I want to look pretty for these pictures.
But I don't want to look like a clown either, ya know?
Do any of you know of any awesome makeup tutorials that will teach me how to look put together in just a couple of minutes?
I mean... I guess I could spend more than just a couple of minutes too.
Give me all of your pointers!!!

3 | hair
Really, I just need someone else to come and curl my hair for me.
But I don't exactly have any neighbors.
Every time I curl my own hair it never ever looks as good as when I leave the salon.
Help!! Give me all of your knowledge.

4 | cold remedy
My boys were sick.
And then they were well.
And now they are sick again.
I am trying really hard to not get sick.
What are the best cold fighters you know of?
I'll do anything really, because getting sick isn't much of an option.
And I don't think that snot running down my face for family pictures is going to look great.

5 | smiles
Lastly, how do I get all of my children AND husband to cooperate?
I'm pretty sure bribery is going to be key.
BUT Bennett doesn't understand that.
I think we may be going more towards the lifestyle shoot, so smiles at the camera won't have to be mandatory.

Thanks in advance for all of your help!
Hopefully there will be sneak peeks sooner rather than later. :)

Now, LINK UP! Grab that HTML and go put it on your blog.

Have a great weekend. 



  1. I don't have any kids yet, but I kept my husband happy at our last "family" photo session by bringing snacks! We had a little wine, cheese and grape picnic but cookies would work just as well! We live in a tiny town and I have the most wonderful, affordable hair stylist so I ended up just paying her to curl my hair. One less thing I had to worry about! - Stevie @ Stevie Storck Design Co. (www.steviestorck.com)

  2. I wish I had any good tips but I struggle just as much with hair and makeup. I love the idea of a lifestyle type shoot though. I'm sure the pictures will be great!

  3. oh man! We took our family photos a few weeks ago and major bribery was involved. When my kid were little I had the photographer hold up the bottle of those puff snacks for babies...my son loved those and she would shake them around and he would smile, and then we would give him one. Seemed to work, and with the make up always put on (I hear the number is) 30% more make up on then you think you need, because it never comes across in pictures, which I find to be true. I always put on what I think I need...and then add more so I think I have too much make up on, but then when I see the pictures, it looks like I almost have nothing on. As far as hair, sorry can't help you with that one, but with your shortish hair, I would take a curling iron and sort of do spiral curls with the last half of your hair...so don't put the curling iron at the root, just do the last half, I think that will give you nice curls. Okay that was lengthy. :) Good luck, can't wait to see the pictures!

  4. Google removing ink tags. There are lots of you tube videos. My husband received a shirt as a gift with the ink tag still on and was able to remove it without the ink exploding everywhere. Your farmer surely has the tools ;) Good Luck!

  5. Man, you sure have a lot of gnarly problems there. I've got nothing helpful to say -- particularly about the curling of the hair. I'm sure the pics will turn out great as usual, though. Can't wait to see how they come out. They will soon assume their rightful position on our kitchen door. Hope the sickness epidemic passes without too much pain.

  6. Farting noises seem to work for my boy. (2 and a half). Also looking at him really serious like and saying don't you dare smile, tends to get some great, natural smiles out of him. If you just ask him to say cheese, the smile looks so fake. These hopefully could work for your older two. The little one always seems pretty smiley.

  7. Go for the lifestyle shoot! It's the only way with 2 littles...and a husband. ahem. :)


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