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bennett | 9 months

Today Bennett is 9 months old. 
And I am once again reminded how quickly a little ball of squish can turn into a tiny person.
This past month things have gotten crazy.
The crib mattress is lowered, the crawling is in FULL force, he pulls himself up on everything, and walks along all of our furniture. 
Mind you, none of that was happening mere weeks ago. 
Cue the sobbing.
As much as I already miss my tiny needy baby, this independent 9 month old sure is precious.
And guess what? 
He still needs me. 
Just like my 3 and 5 year old.
Our children have shown that stubbornness is one of their strongest features.
Bennett is no exception.
For example...
He was up on the counter in his bumbo while I was feeding him, and he thought it would be fun to contort his body to reach some very hot jars that I just canned some jam into. I would tell him "no" quite sternly and let him know that they were very hot. In return, he looked at me with a furrowed brow, grunted, and reached for them again. I even flicked his little fingers, and in return I just got a louder grunt... no tears. 
We may be in for some trouble with this one. 

Things have gotten increasingly harder around here.
Specifically diaper and clothes changing. 
I, however, have gotten quite creative as to how to get him to hold still.
This usually involves tickling, hair flipping, song singing and general craziness on my part.
He recently got his very first cold, and I have to do all of the above to get the snot sucked out of his nose too.
likes | 
He talks ALL of the time. And it is the best sound ever. He is mostly saying Mama, Bubu, Wawa, and sometimes Dada.
He is still obsessed with his daddy and has been going out irrigating with him, or to the shop for little adventures. 
Luckily he still likes me. We like to dance and sing together.
He is pretty fond of this brothers also, but not okay with Brody taking him out of his crib (which literally happened, and will never happen again.)
He loves puffs, food in general and water. And, of course, milk.
Baths are his favorite. He could splash in the water for hours.
He LOVES his new found freedom and loves to crawl all over the house getting into everything he shouldn't.
He loves to laugh and shake his head.

dislikes |
Turns out he doesn't like to sleep much. At least not when he's supposed to. He wants to wake up to party with mommy and daddy after the big brothers have gone to bed.
He also doesn't like being confined, he wasn't all the freedom!

milestones |
Crawling!! And he is actually doing a proper crawl, which his big brothers didn't really master.
Standing on his own!! He started to stand on his own the same day he started crawling. Thought he'd just grow up all at once.
Walking along furniture! This seems early to me, and I hope he stays to holding onto furniture for a while because I am not looking forward to a walker before 1. 

He has a doctor's appointment next week, so we will see how big he is. 
Considering he is wearing 18 month clothes, I think he is doing juuuust fine. 

This little guys is loved SO much by SO many. 

(ps. this is literally the best picture that I could get of him laying down)

Slow down baby boy!


  1. what a cutie pie! he sounds so much like my 9 mo old boy! He started crawling 3 weeks ago and things have gotten bananas. He is a huge danger to himself and now he's after my older son's toys and ugh. The game has changed!

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