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oh hey, friday | i should have been a gymnast

Apparently I'm only used to blogging once a week... and since I already blogged once this week, I'm not going to be hammering out a good post today.
Because, you know... life.
It's 11pm and I just got home.
And I still have very important things to do, like watch the olympics.
I mean, I'm still pretty sure that I was supposed to to be a gymnast.
I've thought that since I was a tiny gal watching the olympics at home.
And I can do a mean cartwheel, so... it's basically destiny.

So yes, I'm not doing my five, BUT...
You should definitely still link up.

And then go and read my post from Monday about Bennett's 8 month milestones HERE.

Cheers to Friday.

And now, link up!
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1 comment:

  1. I was watching the gymnasts the other night in absolute awe. I mean, I can do a cartwheel... but I usually pull something each time. Not to mention it hurts my back to do a somersault. I don't understand how they do all those fancy flips and skips and other what nots without hurting themselves.


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