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oh hey, friday | exciting life events

I literally have my jammies on, and I was in bed... until I realized I had to blog.
Because, you know, when you basically don't blog anymore, you forget.
AND because, this just happened to be the fastest week of ALL time...

1 | teeth
Bennett finally got some teeth.
And I only say finally because it seems like he's been teething for an eternity.
Not because I'm excited about him biting my nipple.

2 | milestones
And while we are discussing milestones, it should also be noted that Bennett can go from laying to sitting all by himself.
SO this is how I am greeted when I go into his room:
The mattress is going to have to be moved down very soon I think.

3 | cousins
All last week we had family in town.
The boys were completely smitten to have their cousins here to play.
And I was completely smitten that I didn't have to break up any fights between them.
Well, that's not completely true.
Bennett was getting a little too rough with his baby cousin... who also happens to be the only girl in the bunch.
From the looks of it though, she will be able to handle her own soon, based purely on that stink eye.

4 | help
You guys!!
I have so. many. peaches.
Our trees produced exactly zero peaches last year.
And this year we have hundreds.

I had some great ideas on IG as to what to do with them.
But now I just need some extra hands and hours in my life.

So far, I've made a peach cobbler.
And that only used like 10 peaches.

Any more great ideas for me!?

5 | real life
Lastly, I'm just going to leave you this picture:
Because it basically sums up buy week/life.
Wild, happy, half-naked boys.
Messy rooms.
Lots of diapers.
And lots of love.

I'm sure there will be a lot more of that this weekend.

Cheers to Friday.

And now, link up!
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Happy weekend, friends.


  1. Holy peaches! I wouldn't know what to do with that many either and would probably start trying to pawn them off on my friends. We do cut up peaches and put them in our salad. They're actually pretty good with some yogurt or vanilla ice cream too. And your real life pic is so relatable. Happy Friday!
    Beautifully Candid

  2. Do some canning- sliced peaches and peach jam--that way you don't have to eat them all right now!

  3. Yes to all the peachy! Peach season where I live is awesome! Although having your own tree, so cool! You can send some peach cobbler my way, so that's 10 more down :)

  4. Teething - we hate teething, haha!! I will gladly volunteer as tribute to take some of those peaches! Haha, have a great weekend!

  5. With all those kiddos around you should definitely make peach ice cream. I made some a few weeks ago and the recipe is on the blog now. Super easy and delicious!

  6. Love that last picture with Bennett looking on observing the other two boys. It won't be too long before he joins in on the bedlam. I'm telling you about the peaches -- you can get fake italian sausage and serve it on a peach mostarda. You can make the mostarda kind of chunky. It's sweet spicy and pretty interesting flavor. Keeps quite a while too, I understand.

  7. So jealous of all your peaches! I would love a peach tree, but with my track record, I'd probably kill it.

  8. That cousins photo is so sweet!


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