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bennett | 8 months

The other day I spontaneously started crying. 
Because I'm weird.
And because my last baby is not so much a baby anymore. 
I need to lower his mattress in his crib... and that thought made me realize that we won't ever need the mattress at tiny baby height again. Ever. 
And that, my friends, is what made me cry. 
I can't explain it. 

I can, however, tell you how completely precious Bennett is.
And you can also just see for yourself... 
Where are the heart eyed emoticons when you need them!?!

Bennett is still the happiest kid I've ever known.
He is rarely sad, and puts up with a lot of crazy schedules. 
I can always count on him for a smile or belly laugh. 
He is a mover and a shaker!
He wants to stand/crawl/walk/scoot SO bad.
And he tries.
But until he masters those, he just rolls around, sits himself up, and inches his way around the house. 
It's pretty amazing how far he can move for not actually being able to crawl.
Bennett still loves me, but it turns out that he loves his daddy more. 
He literally won't even give me eye contact when Ryan is holding him, for fear that I will take him.
And when I actually do have to take him... there are tears. Big BIG tears and the saddest face you've ever seen.
It took me a couple minutes to get him calmed down today in fact. 
All of the boys have gone through this stage, and I know that Ryan loves it. 
Brody and Beckam are still just as obsessed with him as ever. 
Beckam insists on having his hand on Bennett's head ALL of the time.
Bennett hates it. 
But he does love his big brothers.
He gets so excited, and starts bouncing when he sees them. 

likes |
Lately his favorite is his daddy... as mentioned above.
He also loves to dance, and shakes his bead back and forth while smiling huge.
He is crazy about puffs, and could eat them all day if he was allowed. 
Water is one of his favorites also, and gets extra excited if he can drink out of an actual cup. Or if he can sit and splash in it. He LOVES swimming and baths.
Animals! He is enamored with all animals. Unfortunately he hasn't quite learned how to pet them without pulling out all of their hair.
He loves going for rides with Ryan on the 4wheeler or dirt bike. He may have a need for speed. 

dislikes |
Bedtime. What happened to the 14+ hours of sleep he would get nightly!? Those days are gone. I would like to think that he wakes up because his teeth hurt or he has an upset tummy, but really... I think that he just likes to sit up and stare at the light coming through the cracks of his door just hoping someone will come rescue him. 

milestones | 
Teeth! Bennett's front two bottom teeth popped out a week ago. It is so cute watching him feel them with his tongue. 
He has also learned how to go from laying to sitting all by himself. And then onto all fours. Generally his massive head weighs him down, so he hasn't gone far yet. 
He has been working on pulling himself up onto his feet also. It hasn't happened, which is probably for the best because he is awfully wobbly on two legs. 
He can feed himself with about 30% accuracy too!

Bennett is a big boy and is growing so fast. 
He is currently wearing a lot of 18 months clothes. 
He isn't super chubby, but he is quite long and his head is huge too!

I was literally only able to get one good milestone picture this month. If only you could have heard the crazy sounds I was making just to get him to hold still and look at me. Ha!

Love my precious boy!
And I can't even comprehend how he is already 8 months old.


  1. He is too cute but so are your other boys! The director at the daycare we registered at yesterday has 5 kids- all boys- and she wanted more (but her hubby said no and I don't necessarily blame him lol).


  2. A great report! Can't wait to meet the little guy.

  3. He's too cute. And those clothes he wears are adorable. My kids are teens and above now. I remember crying during a lot of their growing moments.

  4. So precious! We have a Bennett too! :)


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