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oh hey, friday | a walk down memory lane

I have been sitting down to write this post for hours.
But now it's actually time to start writing because there is only so much visiting with friends, online shopping and popcorn eating one can do while procrastinating.
Really though.
I think I may stop shopping all together here pretty soon so I can start saving for a new patio.
Groceries are on the chopping block too.
I think we can make it on rice and lentils for a while, because mama needs some concrete and furniture.
Every time I walk into my house I think it.
SO clearly it's on my mind often.
I have a patio inspiration blog post in the works, so stay tuned for that.
Perhaps I will surprise you and actually blog mid week sometime soon.
But until then, let's do this Friday bizz.

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Last weekend I traveled down to Cali to visit with my grandma. 
She is going through liver failure, and recently got home from an intense stay at the hospital due to an esophageal varices burst. 
Even though the circumstances weren't ideal, the trip was sure memorable.
My grandma hadn't met Bennett yet, so that was special.
She also hadn't met my brother's little girl, so there was some great grandkid loving going on. 
Here are some {poor quality} pictures of our weekend, and then below are some fun memories.

When I was growing up, my brother and I would spend every summer in Arizona at my grandma's place. She loves fierce, and we loved going. 
We have so many memories of our time there, but today I am going to just share 5....
1 | Being that it was Arizona in the summer, it was HOT. Ian {my brother} and I made a pool out of a water trough, and would then have competitions as to who could be the better fountain. I'm talking... fill your mouth with water, strike a pose, spit the water. We were so cool.
We would also stick watermelons in the said pool to keep cool. And draw faces on them. And I don't remember why. 
2 | My brother once threw a cactus ball at me with full force and it stuck to me so bad that it didn't only make me bleed, but left a nice bruise. He was kind of a jerk.
3 | We would all lay awake at night during thunderstorms and my Grandma taught me how to count how far away the storm was based on the time difference between the lightning and thunder. There is nothing quite like the smell of rain in the desert.
4 | A swing through the local Circle K was a frequent must. Had to fill up the big gulp {swigger} with a delicious beverage. 
5 | The summer typically ended with a road trip in a classic truck with a camper on top. Ian and I would ride in the camper looking out above the cab as we drove. And we played our fair share of card games. Specifically war.

6 | And with 4th of July upon us... on the night of the 4th we would go and sit outside, in the middle of the desert, and were able to watch firework shows all around us. It wasn't noisy, and we got to "attend" quite a few of the shows. 

Such great times with my grandma. And it was awesome to make some more this last weekend.


  1. Sweetest pictures ever. And how wonderful are those memories! Thanks for the link up. Please stop by and join my link up as well!

    Here's to a fantastic holiday weekend!


  2. How precious you got to have a special visit. Sometimes I'd just love to be able to turn back the clock to a certain day in time and revisit. If only...
    Happy 4th!!!

  3. Love the pictures & the memories! My brother & I used to do the whole be a fountain thing too ha.

  4. Great pictures! I love hearing about people's growing up memories with Grandparents! Such a cool thing! Have a great 4th!

  5. How wonderful that she got to meet Bennett!

  6. Sorry to hear about your grandmother, it can be rough when a loved one is sick. How nice that she got to meet Bennett though.


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