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oh hey, friday | remodels + close calls + new hair

Bring on the weekend, and the full day that we get with our farmer.
He has been so busy lately, so we really enjoy that day.
We just can't get enough of him really.

What have you guys been up to this week?
Tell me all about it.
Go ahead and grab this html, put it on your post, and then head back here to link up at the bottom!

1 | Bennett 
My baby is 7 months old today.
(I'll do a full post dedicated to him next week.)
He is getting super mobile, and I don't know what I am going to do when he decides to become independent. 
You can look at my instagram HERE to check out how he moves around the house.

2 | Beckam
Unfortunately the boys have all come down with colds. 
More sleep is always my remedy, but it turns out 3 and 5 year olds don't believe in naps at my house.
Thank goodness for tractors and swathers.
Beckam passed out within minutes of climbing in with Ryan the other day.
Gunner was happy to have a snuggle pal too. 

3 | Brody
A fun day in the yard yesterday almost turned into a scary scene.
Brody was riding his four wheeler around, and going nice and slow.
He did however turn his head to get Bennett's attention, and while not watching where he was going he proceeded to drive it over the edge of my flower bed.
This caused the wheeler to tip a bit and he fell to the right side of it... not off of it though.
He grabbed to stay on, but grabbed the throttle. 
He was headed towards a large tree. 
He barely missed the tree and stopped right before our fence, with only a small burn on his leg from the exhaust pipe.
Basically he's super lucky and learned a very good lesson about obeying proper 4-wheeler driving rules. 
He didn't want to drive it again, but I made him get back on the "horse" and go and park it still.

4 | New Hair
I am going in to get my hair cut and colored this next week!
It's literally been a year since I've had it cut.
And two since it's been colored.
Any suggestions on a cute cut!?
My hair is SUPER thin and I can never find a cut that I love. 

5 | Homeschool
I have been gearing up for homeschool lately. 
Because it's going to be starting before I know it.
Where are my homeschool mama's at? 
I really want a separate space to school in, and we are discussing remodeling an outer building on our property into a school room.
I love a good project and have been thinking about this for years now.
Time to start adding to my Pinterest Board again.
I'd love to chat with fellow homeschoolers though, so if you do, email me HERE.

Any big plans this weekend?
After the last big holiday weekend, and the sicknesses, we are laying low. 


  1. Oh wow, glad Brody is okay! And can't wait to see your new hair!

  2. Your boys are adorable, as always. I was homeschooled until 8th grade along with my brothers and sister. Our basement was set up like a classroom. My Mom got our desks from a public school that was upgrading and then had herself a little project and redid them. Good luck with everything! Beautifully Candid

  3. So scary with Brody and the 4 wheeler, glad everything turned out okay. I totally thought you were going to say that he almost ran over the baby, based off of the picture...but possibly running into a tree...not good either. Beth from Our Pretty Little Girls, just did a post (Thursday I believe) on her homeschool curriculum, She's probably a good resource to ask. And she redid her school room a few months ago too, super cute.

  4. I hope that the boys feel better soon.

  5. Glad Brody is ok! I have the utmost respect for home schooling moms, just not sure that is within my sanity levels!

  6. I remember the first time my daughter got bucked off a horse, it was scary but her coach made her get right back on him... obvs no injuries. It's the best way to help them conquer those fears!

  7. Totally have the same hair problem! Mine is thing and flat. I just cut it all off after a year and it feels great!! I went with a long bob. Slightly shorter in the back. Makes it look thicker and I can even kind add curls
    with my straighter!! Can't wait to see what you choose!

  8. Sweet pics of your boys . . . I grew up around ATV's . . . good thing you got him back on and sometimes a scare teaches them to be more cautious! Hope everyone feels better soon!

  9. Wow, the four-wheeler incident is scary. As far as fine straight hair, there's not much to be done. It's an uphill struggle for the rest of your life. Medium-length inverted bob is probably the way to go. I've had people tell me that shorter with more layering is the way to go because it gives the impression of volume. But I'm not sure you're ready to go for shorter yet. There's also the question of bangs. A little fringe to frame the face but nothing that takes too much work (remember when you were in high school). Enough length for you to tie it up if you have to. I just pinned a few ideas for you on my "Hair" board on Pinterest. Looking forward to seeing what you do with it. Whatever you do, I'm sure will look great because you are great!

  10. I can't wait to see your hair!! And also, swooning at the thought of a separate school room. The sweetest!

  11. scary! glad it's okay now! And i'm excited for the grand reveal of your hair!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away


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