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oh hey, friday | new doo

I had high hopes of busting out a great blog post on this fine Friday.
But... that's just not happening, because it's 11pm on Thursday night and I would like a little bit of rest.

I have been spending a crazy amount of time weeding in my yard/garden/orchard, and let me tell you, that is tiring.
The thing is though, by the time I'm finished, I will probably have to start all over again.

The farm books aren't waiting around for me either.
Turns out, bills keep coming, and people actually want paid.

Also, my children seem to always be hungry.
Or need something.

I did take one day this week and did none of the above.
Instead I went to the dentist...
But I also got my hair cut and colored. Whoop whoop!
I cut off a solid 12 inches of pure stringy, nasty, split ends.
And now I feel so fresh and sass-a-frassy.
It's rejuvenating.

I hope you all have a terrific weekend.
Go and chop off your hair!

But first...link up.

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  1. Your hair looks adorable! And why do the children ALWAYS need something? It seems every time I sit down, I have to get up again...because they need food, or a drink, or help in the bathroom, or some other thing! Thanks for hosting the link up. Please do come join my link up as well! Have a fabulous weekend.


  2. I have to agree with the others...your hair looks darling!!! I LOVE the way I feel after a haircut and color. You just feel BETTER!!! Have a great weekend!

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