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oh hey, friday | 5 FAVORITE small shops for my boys' clothes

This week has been a whirlwind!
We went to the fair, the pool, and the rodeo (more on that next week).
Hung a new chandelier and it's 750 crystals.
And have tended to a grumpy little baby... who probably really isn't that grumpy, but I'll take my easy going kid back any minute now.

I'm not going to be blogging about any of the above today though.
Instead, I am going to share my love of/addiction to small shops with you.

1 | periwinkle jazz
You guys... THIS shop is dangerous for my wallet.
They have the cutest bloomies, shorties and leggings/harem pants.
Not to mention a few darling shirts.
AND even bowties and beanies.
I am in love with all of the fabric, and the new line coming September 1st does NOT disappoint.
Go and check out the shop HERE.

2 | bitty b design
Speaking of adorable shorts and pants... THIS shop is your place.
This week a brand new line of fabrics dropped, and they are all perfect.
Just see for yourself...
And if you have little girls - there is a floral fabric that is absolutely beautiful.
Go and check out the shop HERE.

3 | radladco
I am a sucker for cute shirts.
And THIS company is no exception.
 {periwinkle jazz shorties}
Aren't they just the best?
AND good news. 
You can get 20% off your purchase using code UNSTOPPABLE20.
Go check out the shop HERE.

4 | loopty loo designs
Ahh. Talk about soft!! 
These clothes are so comfy.
Not to mention adorable!
And they have a whole lot of options for you too... that you just have to go and check out.
They have some super cute peplum tops for little girls, that I would be all over if I had girls... or if they came in my size. Ha. 
Lucky you can get 15% off if you use code BECKAM15 or BENNETT15 - you can choose. :)
Go and check out the shop HERE.

5 | fancy frogz 
Lastly but certainly not least.
I absolutely adore this shop!!
All of their fabrics are exclusive to them because they create them, and I think that is totally amazing. 
And they are all cute to boot.
They do tops, bottoms and very soon will be offering blankets!!!
The most cozy blanket ever.
Also, it's big and quite versatile. 
You will love anything you get there, I promise.
Go and check out the shop HERE.

Ok. That wraps it up... for now.
What are some small shops you love!?

I'll do another one of these posts soon with a few more that I love too.
Until then, let's get out link up on!

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Happy weekend friends!


  1. Love all of these! Thanks for sharing where you get your boys cute clothes :)

  2. OMG your kids are too much cuteness to handle, so adorable, and that first picture with the skulls is to die for :)

  3. I can't with your boys, they are so adorable! I'll be checking out these shops for my little guys. Beautifully Candid

  4. Can't get enough of these cute little guys and their awesome wardrobe.

  5. Everything is so cute but that rock our with your guac out shirt is perfection! Have a great weekend!

  6. You seriously have the BEST dressed boys! All their little pants/shorts are so dang cute. Definitely checking out these shops for all my friends having babies.

  7. So many cute clothes for the boys ! Loving all the photos as well.

  8. So many cute choices! I love to shop small for my little guy!


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