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bennett | seven months

As stated on his actual 7 month birthday, this has undoubtedly been the fastest seven months of my life.
And, I think, the happiest too.
Because, when you have this chunk of happiness constantly loving on you and giggling at anything and everything... how could it not be?

Bennett has started getting some mild stranger danger.
He is still quick to smile, but too much oohing and aahing over his carseat by strangers will occasionally make him cry.
Especially when he is tired.
Sleeping has become a little more regular than it was a month ago.
No more sleeping in until noon.
He is getting to be on his brothers schedule and going to bed around 7, and waking up around 7. 
I can get onboard with that.
This little babe sure loves to laugh.
Whether it is by tickle, a funny look you give him, dancing or hopping around... he's just so sweet.
My little friend still doesn't have any teeth, and I'm juuuuust fine with that. 
I swear he has been teething for months, so maybe one day soon something will pop out. 
likes |
I think it is safe to say that he really loves his food. Milk and solids both. I have had to limit him on his solids, because he will eat so much it makes him sick. 

His mommy. Gosh this kid loves me a lot. I loved being adored by him. But I could do without the hair pulling.

His daddy. Bennett is getting to the stage that he is obsessed with his daddy. Because, who isn't in this house? He's just so much more fun than mommy. 

His brothers. He gets SO excited when he sees them right after a nap. They make him laugh a lot! And he definitely enjoys all of the toys that they bring to him. 

dislikes |
Bennett really loves his brothers, but he does not love being smothered by them! Generally it's Beckam holding his hand on Bennett's head that will get him. 

He has also starting not loving his carseat. Usually it's because he has been in it too much... kid wants to be free.

milestones | 
The sitting has become quite strong. He no longer needs to be surrounded by pillows or blankets. 
He usually puts himself in the laying position though so he can roll anywhere that he pleases... that is his only way of solo transportation, and he is very good at it.

Bennett has started babbling, and it is the cutest thing ever... especially since his favorite babble is "mama".:)

Monthly pictures have gotten a bit more difficult... 98% of them were him squealing with delight while squeezing his teddy. But I was able to get a couple comparison shots. Ha. 
Fingers crossed for slower moving months.

Love this little baby SO very much.


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