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4th of July | parades + sweet treats + burned skin

Happy 5th of July friends!
That 3 days of fun + late night Monday holiday business is going to mess with my week I think.
BUT, I'm ok with it, because our weekend was so full.
And just a ton of fun.

Yesterday the boys and I joined in our local small town parade.
We went with the library group... to hand out books, and of course throw candy.
Brody was the biggest help, and just reminded me how old he is already!
He was in charge of handing out a bag with a book in it to all of the little kids. 
He would run from one side of the street to the other trying to miss anyone. 
He even busted out some "tricks" when he saw his daddy and grandparents on the side of the road, aka hopping on one foot.
Beckam rode in that wagon, with the job of throwing candy.
He started out by holding up a piece of candy, and yelling out, "yoohoo! kid... I have a caaaaandy!"
I think he thought that they should run to him to get it.
He eventually started throwing it.
And Bennett, well... he slept.
And made me sweaty.
I think these little hams are going to want to do the parade every year now. 

After a forced nap at home that afternoon, we had some friends over for a BBQ.
Which of course meant that I made a flag platter and red, white and blue oreo pops.
Because... America. Right?
A little swimming, water gun fighting, bike riding and ladder golfing would have been the perfect ending to the night on a typical day BUT we do things bigger on the 4th.

We topped off the night with some sparklers...
and then a pretty badly burned little foot...
and fireworks...
Turns out...
Beckam is still afraid of fireworks.
Bennett is not.
Kids should wear shoes while they use sparklers {although Sawyer is the toughest bitty around and was the least bit phased by her incident}.
I love my little family more than I can say.
AND we are already excited about next years 4th.

What did you do over the holiday weekend!?


  1. Looks like a happy happy time. I agree, a late holiday Monday is weirding me out too! Haha. Your fam is precious!



  2. Such cute pictures, but I am seriously dying over that horse painted like a flag! Too funny!

  3. The sparkler pictures are so fun. Looks like a really fun weekend.


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