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bennett | six months

How are we already half way through Bennett's first year?
Third babies grow the fastest... no question.
Bennett has been the best baby. Ever. In all time. 
He is so content wherever he is.
He will let anyone hold him.
He is very fast to smile.
He basically just makes people happy.
This kid loves to laugh. 
He particularly likes to laugh with his brothers.
And loves to be tickled. 
Those giggles slay me. 
Sleep is one of this kids strong suits. 
It isn't uncommon for him to sleep-in until 10 am. 
I can sure get a lot accomplished before 10. 
He doesn't take long naps during the day usually, but I suppose he doesn't need to when he is sleeping for 14 hours a night. 
Sometimes I don't even know when he is awake actually. 
He will just lay in his bed and coo happily.
AND when I do go in... the happiest, giggling baby is there to greet me. 
I hope he does this F-O-R-E-V-E-R.
Speaking of things I'd like for him to do forever, how about all of that love he give me. 
So many hugs.
Lots of kisses.
And an excessive amount of drool... maybe the drooling should stop in the next few months. :)

likes | 
He pretty much has the exact same likes as last month.
He also really likes to blow bubbles. All of the time.
He has starting dancing and shaking his head... he thinks he is hilarious.
He loves chewing on toys and is so proud of himself for being able to actually control his hands now.

dislikes | 
Being hungry.

milestones | It's been a big month!

food - Bennett started eating solids a couple of weeks ago. He has been staring down any person putting a utensil into their mouth for sometime now, so he was beyond excited when that spoon actually went to HIS mouth {thanks to his daddy}. He has loved every single thing that i've fed him... except for peas. He is also becoming a pro at using his cup to drink water.

movement - He is a mover. A slow mover, and I'm ok with that. He will somehow inch himself all over. There is no point to put him on a blanket anymore because he will scoot himself off in a hurry when he's on his back. And when he is on his tummy, he usually just spins in circles.  He has also started sitting up on his own, although can't be trusted solo yet unless he's on a cushy surface.

growth | 
He has his doctors appointment tomorrow, so I will update this then.
All I know is that he is big, and has had a bit of a growth spurt.

 Growth in pictures...

Did any of you watch "Out of This World" when you were growing up?
And that girl froze time by putting her two pointer fingers together?
Probably not.
But regardless, I wish that I was her.
Time is just going way too fast.

Love my little man so much.


  1. Great pictures, Amy. He looks amazing. It's so funny how Bennett is a 50/50 combination of Brody and Beckam. Wish I could stop time for you.

  2. Your blog is beautiful! I just started a blog about raising our twin girls. Come check it out! :-)

  3. I loved that show!! I remember the opening credits had a paint can that was spilling and she froze time. That was always the one super power I always wanted! I would freeze time when my alarm went off in the morning. Lol. Bennett is adorable! He looks like the happiest baby ever!!

  4. Oh my glob he is so adorable!


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