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oh hey, friday | my five favorite pictures

I had a friend visiting all last week, and we've been doing swim lessons all this week...
Needless to say, we are WAY off any sort of normal schedule that I had once established.
And that certainly goes for my blogging as well.
I've come to terms with the fact that I am mostly just blogging for myself at this point.
A good journal, if you will.
So I'll just keep this up.
A post a week, maybe more for a fun surprise once in a while.
If you do happen to want to know what is going on in my life more often, you should probably follow me on Instagram or Snapchat... both @farmerswifeamy.

Moving on though.
It's no secret that I LOVE to take pictures.
And my children are generally always the subject.
SO, this week I am sharing my five favorite pictures that I took...

1 | Ok... maybe there will be more than 5... because, Bennett.
I just can't stop taking pictures of this kid!

2 | Beckam has been an absolute champ at swimming this week.
Except for pulling down his shorts and showing off his privates with everyone. Yikes.
Other than that though... he has been super brave and is turning into a little fish.

3 | Serious hair envy.
Brody has the best hair ever.
And he certainly didn't get it from my genes.
He has SO much of it, and that color... no clue where it came from either.
I will claim those eyes and freckles though. Ha.

4 | I love how much these brothers love each other.
Seeing them watch out for the other one make my heart happy.
Their daily fights on the other hand... I'd be fine with those stopping.

5 | While this is certainly not the best picture I've ever taken, I absolutely love it.
The boys were so pumped to get a picnic together for Father's Day.
Ryan was out working, and they were busily getting prepared.
They both made him special cards.
Beckam helped make him a sandwich.
And Brody set out all sorts of snacks and drinks... all of his favorites.
Their love for him was overflowing.
Food, presents, ladder golf and lots of excitement.
Love my little family.

Ok now, link up time!
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Have a great weekend friends!

I'll be jetting down to the Reno area to visit my grandma for the weekend and introduce her to Bennett.

What are you up to!?


oh hey, friday | recent purchases

I had a friend visiting me this whole week and it was oh-so-fun.
My boys were not exactly on their best behavior, BUT regardless, we still had a great time.
Yesterday we escaped to the big city and left the babes at home with grandma.

I haven't gone shopping for/by myself in SO long.
I was pregnant.
Then I was fat.
And now I'm feeling pretty good about myself.
Which obviously meant it was time to go shopping.

Let me quickly share with you some purchases I made...

1 & 2 | for my workouts
I was a lulu lemon virgin as of yesterday morning. 
I'd looked through the store, but never tried anything on.
I didn't really know what I was missing out on.
As soon as I tried on... I understood.
And so I left with THESE and THESE.
And I know it's probably against the rules, but my athletic director friend got me a discount. Holler!

3 | for my pretty days
I have a slight obsession with Anthropologie.
And I was excited to get back in the store and peruse all of their pretties. 
I reigned myself in and left with THIS one cute little top.

4 | for my heels. and knees. and arms. and body.
I have the driest skin ever.
And so does my little Brody.
It's becoming a bit of a problem in our house. 
I just recently became acquainted with Lush, and I think THIS dream cream is going to save my life. 

5 | for my middle child
Beckam has never really had a proper baby book. #middlechildproblems
So when I was in the cutest paper store in the world and ran across THIS one, I knew I had to get it for my guy.
Now, to try and remember his first year of life.
Thank goodness for this blog.

Have you been shopping for yourself recently?!
What did you buy that you are loving!?

And then, link up!
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Have a great weekend friends!


oh hey, friday | you missed my farmer in his undies + a couple of wedding photos

In case you missed my post yesterday, we've got a new button for this fine piece of link-up.
It's just too cute.
So go ahead and grab that html, put it on your post, and then head back here to link up at the bottom!

1 | snapchat
Let's just say I'm a bit of a novice. 
So much so in fact that I have been snapping for over a month with the impression that most all of my followers didn't ever once look at anything I posted.
Turns out, my settings were all screwed up, and now my followers might look at my snaps and wish they hadn't. 

Now, there is something very very sad about this snapchat setting faux pas... and that is the fact that none of you were able to see my farmer take a little swim break in his undies. 
It was pure magic. 
So, if you'd like to follow me in hopes to get a glimpse of that again, please do.
You can find me at farmerswifeamy.

2 | instagram
Let's continue this social media theme for a minute longer. 
I'm big into Instagram.
I pretty much stopped posting any pictures on Facebook. 
You can find me at farmerswifeamy if you don't already follow me.
Yes, same as snapchat... and pinterest... and periscope... and my domain. 

I recently opened up a second instagram account. 
This one specifically for my kids and their up and coming modeling careers. Ha.
They are brand reps for some awesome shops, and entering more searches often.  (If you own a small shop and want my boys to model it for you email me here.)
I know that I generally only post pictures of them under my account also, but if you want to see even more of them, you can follow this new account.
It is called 3minifarmers.
Get ready for a cuteness overload. 
Here is one of Bennett in a recent shoot:

3 | don't do this
I took all the kids to Bennett's doctors appointment yesterday.
And by all the kids, I mean my three.
Which, for the record, is a lot to take into a doctors office when you want them to sit still.
They didn't do terrible. 
In fact, they did pretty good, considering that we had to wait foreverrrrr.
For their efforts, I took the big boys to get a treat at the best little donut shop I've ever been to.
I love it SO much because they have egg and peanut free options for Beckam! 

4 | t-ball
The boys started t-ball this week, and I think this picture of Beckam pretty much sums up his take on the whole thing...
He is super excited to go, and loves to run around because he says his red shoes make him super fast.
Despite his lack of following the rules of the game, he is pretty fun to watch.
Brody has been playing for a couple of years now, so he's like an old pro.
When he is in the outfield, he runs after the ball EVERY single time it's hit.
He even ran into (and knocked over) his own teammate going for the ball. 
Not sure he realizes they are supposed to be working together. 
 There aren't very many games, but I am loving each and every one of them.

5 | anniversary
Tomorrow my farmer and I celebrate our ninth wedding anniversary.
We may try to sneak away some time today for a little date.
Tomorrow he will be baling hay.
Or, I might just join him in the tractor like the good old days before children.
I should definitely do a post about our wedding, but for now I will leave you with just a couple of pictures.
One more flattering than the other.
As soon as we were pronounced husband and wife, my farmer lifted our arms up nearly giving all of our friends and family a view of more than they bargained for. 
And it also looks like our pastor is tickling my armpit. 
Ha. So glad this moment was captured. Even if it is a little blurry.
Love my farmer.
I hope that you all have a terrific weekend.
I'll most likely be following around my husband in hopes of spending some time with him. :)


a little business | new oh hey, friday button

Just one item of business this morning before I head off to the big city of Boise and attempt a doctors appointment for Bennett with ALL THREE BOYS.
Wish me luck.
Back to the business though...
Karli whipped up the perfect new button for oh hey, friday!
Snag the html and put it on your post for the link up tomorrow.

Also, we are coming up on our 100th oh hey, friday!  
Karli and I may have a fun little giveaway. 
Stay tuned. 


bennett | six months

How are we already half way through Bennett's first year?
Third babies grow the fastest... no question.
Bennett has been the best baby. Ever. In all time. 
He is so content wherever he is.
He will let anyone hold him.
He is very fast to smile.
He basically just makes people happy.
This kid loves to laugh. 
He particularly likes to laugh with his brothers.
And loves to be tickled. 
Those giggles slay me. 
Sleep is one of this kids strong suits. 
It isn't uncommon for him to sleep-in until 10 am. 
I can sure get a lot accomplished before 10. 
He doesn't take long naps during the day usually, but I suppose he doesn't need to when he is sleeping for 14 hours a night. 
Sometimes I don't even know when he is awake actually. 
He will just lay in his bed and coo happily.
AND when I do go in... the happiest, giggling baby is there to greet me. 
I hope he does this F-O-R-E-V-E-R.
Speaking of things I'd like for him to do forever, how about all of that love he give me. 
So many hugs.
Lots of kisses.
And an excessive amount of drool... maybe the drooling should stop in the next few months. :)

likes | 
He pretty much has the exact same likes as last month.
He also really likes to blow bubbles. All of the time.
He has starting dancing and shaking his head... he thinks he is hilarious.
He loves chewing on toys and is so proud of himself for being able to actually control his hands now.

dislikes | 
Being hungry.

milestones | It's been a big month!

food - Bennett started eating solids a couple of weeks ago. He has been staring down any person putting a utensil into their mouth for sometime now, so he was beyond excited when that spoon actually went to HIS mouth {thanks to his daddy}. He has loved every single thing that i've fed him... except for peas. He is also becoming a pro at using his cup to drink water.

movement - He is a mover. A slow mover, and I'm ok with that. He will somehow inch himself all over. There is no point to put him on a blanket anymore because he will scoot himself off in a hurry when he's on his back. And when he is on his tummy, he usually just spins in circles.  He has also started sitting up on his own, although can't be trusted solo yet unless he's on a cushy surface.

growth | 
He has his doctors appointment tomorrow, so I will update this then.
All I know is that he is big, and has had a bit of a growth spurt.

 Growth in pictures...

Did any of you watch "Out of This World" when you were growing up?
And that girl froze time by putting her two pointer fingers together?
Probably not.
But regardless, I wish that I was her.
Time is just going way too fast.

Love my little man so much.


oh hey, friday | summer came with a vengeance

It's Friday again.
And you know what that means...
Falling asleep at 7:30 pm.
Adulthood is so fun!

Also, it's link up time...

To join in on the fun all you have to do is:

1 | Write up a post about five anythings.
2 | Copy and paste the above html code to the bottom of your post.
3 | Head back here and enter the link up below!

Boom. Simple.
And FYI this is our 95th Oh hey, Friday! Link up.
Thanks to all of you that stick with us.
We love you!!

It seems like summer came from nowhere. 
And I'm not mad about it.
We are just so so busy all of the sudden.
Here is a little bit of what we've been up too...

1 | library
While visiting my friend in MN a few weeks back, we went to a local library that had an extravagant kids program.
The library was massive.
The program was awesome. 
And I'm sure many of you have the privilege to be a part of something like that.
We may not have a huge or extravagant library here, but my kids still love our little small town get togethers.
A good friend of mine puts on a weekly read aloud and craft at the small little library and it's so fun.
This summer, they are doing a much larger scale version at the park too.
It includes lunch, lots of games, lots of books, lots of kids.
My boys had a blast doing it and insist of going again weekly. 

2 | bbq's
I'm on a school board for our little church school and I helped organize the end of year BBQ for students and parents. 
So many hot dogs.
So many games.
Brody had so much fun joining in on the games and activities.
Meanwhile Bennett hung out on me in the Ergo Baby, and Beckam stayed with my farmer in the tractor.

3 | play dates
Suns out, guns out. And time to pull the pools out.
We had Karli and her two gals over for some play time and pool fun this week. 
I'm not entirely sure the gals had fun... from my boys peeing in front of them, to hitting them with sticks and splashing them with water... oi. 
My boys are such gentlemen.

We are headed to the park to play with some friends today too.
Let's hope they are nice, and decide not to expose themselves in public.

4 | t-ball
Last night the boys had their first t-ball practice.
This is Beckam's first year, and Brody's third. 
AND boy are they cute out there! 
I'm not sure what they liked more... meeting their coach and playing, or the ice-cream treat afterwards. 

5 | photoshoots
You've always got to make time for photoshoots. 
Mostly because I could swear to you that Bennett was only a few weeks old.
But somehow he is nearly 6 months now. 
Believe it or not, these big brothers ASKED to get into the picture with Bennett.
Perhaps this is a better representation...
Maybe one day I will be able to get all three of them nicely smiling at the camera. 

SO... that is what's been going on around here.
And I got the boys signed up for swim lessons coming up too.

What is happening in your neck of the woods!?
Is it just as crazy all of the sudden for you?

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend.

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