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the new and improved way... POTTY TRAIN YOUR KID IN THREE DAYS

It only took us a year, but I am happy to say that Beckam is FINALLY potty trained.
And at two. Barely.

A little history...
Brody is a special child.
Such a special child in fact, that he was potty trained pretty much the day he turned two years old.
I was like, "what's the big to-do with potty training? it's a breeze!"

And then came Beckam.
Also a very special child, so naturally I assumed that he would be just like his brother as far as learning to use the potty... if not faster with a big brother showing him the ropes.

Let me just tell you, it wasn't fast.
We did candy treats.
We did sticker charts.
We did the "sit at home for three days drinking lots of liquids and not wearing any diapers" trick.
We did a lot of things.

My little pal would go. Occasionally. But never consistently.
He is a smart kid too, and was completely aware of what was going on.
He just refused.
And we have been doing this for a year.

Recently I got smart.
Let me share with you how we potty trained Beckam in three days.

It is really quite simple.
But not by candy.
By screen time.
Because life without Paw Patrol is really not life at all.

SO, here is what we did.
Every time that Beckam went poopoo in the potty, he got to watch a show.
Maybe TMI, but he poos like three times a day, so this was really worthwhile. For all involved.

Also, he could accumulate pees to be able to watch a show... three pees equals a show.
This was weaned off pretty early, but was helpful at first.

If he went a day without any accidents, he could watch a show before bed.

When we started this, they {Brody benefited from his brother} were watching SO much TV, because he rarely had an accident. As he has become potty trained, he will go and forget to even ask about a show because it is just second nature.

After a year of trying, and all it took was no tv unless you pee or poo in the potty.

We had a couple of hard moments when he realized that he couldn't watch a show because he had an accident, BUT he figured it out so quick.

Like most anything, this was only successful because we were consistent.

If you are struggling to potty train your kid, and they are obsessed with screen time... give it a shot!

Have you potty trained your child? How did you get the job done? Chances are Bennett is going to be totally different than both brothers and I will need more tricks up my sleeve! :)


  1. Ha, this is a great idea! We finally had to resort to a potty watch and she's starting to figure it out...the problem we had is that she would get too involved in playing and forget.

  2. I'm trying this. My 2.5 year old is totally not potty trained. She goes... sometimes... but never consistently. Heaven forbid she stop whatever she's doing long enough to go sit on the potty! ;)

  3. Haha we used paw patrol to potty train too. Noah caught onto peeing fast but was hesitant about popping and would ask for his diaper. My mom was about to give him the air pup figures for Valentine's Day, so instead we spread the gift out and he got one each day that he pooped in the toilet. By the time he got all 6 he was a pro and didn't ask for a gift.


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