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oh hey, friday | things that piss me off

Before I get into the things that irk me, let's take a look at my handiwork with the flowbee.
Yes, the haircutting hookup to a vacuum cleaner diddy.
It is a useful tool. Trust me.
I swear they look double their age.
And just so cute it hurts my heart!

Ok now, moving on.
I'd like to think that I am a pretty calm person.
I may lack a bit of patience on occasion, but overall I try to remain easy going.
At least I thought so.
There are a few things though lately that really piss me off...

1 | computer problems
Raise your hand if your computer has randomly shut down causing you to lose a word document.
Super crappy right?
Well, you know what is 236 times worse?
Having your computer randomly shut down, and then rebooting with NOTHING on it.
That's right, EVERY important business document gone.
Even the techies I took it to were stumped.
Loosing 5 years worth of documents, addresses, bills, etc sucks.
And having to rebuild invoice templates ticks me off.

2 | recalls
Was anyone a part of the recent food recall?
I was.
Lucky me.
I tossed two Costco sized bags of frozen vegetables yesterday..
They say that you can take them back to get refunded... but driving one hour to Costco with two frozen bags of vegetables, to stand in line with my three children and get reimbursed... no thank you.
I'll just toss that Listeria away.
I hate wasting my money because of someone else's problem though. Grr.

3 | instagram
Dear Instagram, why are you withholding my friends pictures from me!?
Even after I like every photo of someones.
I'm totally missing people's posts, and have to be a total stalker to see what's going on with them.
I find myself checking it less often now, which is probably better.

4 | postpartum balding
It's a wonder that I have any hair left really.
I mean, it falls out by the fist full...
my fists in the shower, and Bennett's fists every waking moment of his.
This kid loves me a whole lot though... and that doesn't piss me off.

5 | thunderstorms
I don't necessarily always hate thunderstorms, but when we have a crap-ton of hay cut and laying on the ground to dry so it can be baled... YES, I hate them.
We don't want your high winds, thunderstorm.
AND, you can keep your rain.
Please and thank you.

Please, share with me what ticked you off this week! :)

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Cheers to the weekend.


  1. Oh NO! I can't imagine losing all my documents. That would be the worst!!

  2. I had the whole post partum hair loss thing too and it sucked! It does grow back though thank God. Men really pissed me off this week reinforcing once again why I remain single lol.

  3. The Listeria recall has seriously pissed me off this week. I had dinner in the crock pot when I saw that the corn in there had been recalled. Now it probably would have been fine, but with a 2 year old and the fact that I am pregnant, it is so not worth the risk. But there's $15 worth of food down the drain. Plus two more bags of veggies. UGH! First world problems, I know but still annoying.

  4. your boys are the cutest!! love them! and i totally agree about instagram- it's so sad! i am a total stalker or i miss their posts!! :(

  5. LOVE those pictures of you and your tiniest nugget! His little hands on your face - melt my heart. I need to get pictures like these ones with my little guy before he gets too big. They are so precious! And oh the shedding/balding days. I couldn't wait for those days to be over - I didn't want to go bald!

  6. Your little guys are just the sweetest!

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