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oh hey, friday | life lately

A little bit of what's going on lately on the farm:

1 | beckam 
Look who has a birthday on Sunday...
This precious guy will be THREE years old.
I'm kind of obsessed with him. 
And I will dedicated an entire blog post to him next week.
There will be plenty more adorable pictures of him also.

2 | parents
My parents are in town!
They hadn't met precious Bennett Zane yet, and as a double whammy they get to stay and celebrate Beckam's birthday.
The boys sure are enjoying having their Zaza and Pappy here! 

3 | party 
It is party central around here!
The circus is coming to the farm.
I can't wait to share the party with you all.
But, until then, you can see what I made today... a ring of fire...

4 | peonies
Do you know what else I made?
These peonies.
I work so hard to water them and then I get to enjoy these flowers for like one week out of the year.
I'd say it's worth it.
They are so freaking beautiful.

5 | garden
In addition to peonies, we are also growing a crap load of fruit.
Did you catch my snapchat (farmerswifeamy) where I showed it all off?
I'm going to need to some tips on canning.
Or perhaps some good recipes for peaches and pears. 
Until then, we are going to stuff our faces with fresh strawberries. 

Ok, I'm off to pick up a cotton candy machine.
This should be fun.

Have a great weekend friends.

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  1. Oh how I love peonies, that is going to be my next tattoo I think. The ring of fire looks too cool. So lucky to have you parents to love up for a few days, enjoy that Miss!

  2. Love the pictures with Zazzy and Pappy. The peonies are spectacular! Hugs all round.

  3. I love peonies too. They're just so big and over-the-top beautiful.

  4. love everything about this and have the best time at the party!! can't wait to see the photos. the theme is too precious. and the peonies- stop. so pretty!!!


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