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oh hey, friday | kidless day + getting spoiled + healthy food

Time to hop right to it.

1 | footloose
I left Bennett with my mother-in-law for the first time yesterday... along with the two big boys.
It's the first time that I've been kid free in months.
I was a little bit sad, but also feeling footloose and fancy-free.
I mean... I cranked up the radio too loud, busted out some stellar car dancing and sang words that were inevitably not the lyrics.
It was fun.
I spent the day rushing around the big ol' city of Boise getting ready for Beckam's upcoming birthday.
My parent's come into town next week and I wanted to get as much done now as possible.
It is truly amazing how much you can do without children.
I'm pretty sure I've never walked faster than I did today.

2 | mother's day
Karli was a lovely hostess and also did a little recap of Mother's Day, so instead of me telling you the exact same thing... you should just go read her post.
It was a fabulous Mother's Day brunch... that didn't end until 8pm.
I got a picture with my boys that wasn't taken by myself, so that's a win.
We may have overstayed our welcome, but all of the banana bread + strawberry skewers I made got eaten, so that's a double win.

3 | garden
Speaking of Mother's Day, my guys planted some of my garden for me Sunday.
I can't wait until it's all growing!
Just like our fruit trees.
Look at how many peaches we are going to have!!
Does anyone know anything about fruit trees?
I think that we need to buy nets to put around them ASAP.
We don't need to feed the birds.

4 | boy mom
Whoever said "dressing boys is no fun" is full of crap.
I love it.

5 | tiu
I'm still rocking it with the TIU girls.
About to start week 4 and feeling great!
I think I might need to start taking it easy with the add on calories for "breast feeding" though.
I feel like I should totally have lost more pounds by now.
Inches are good too, but pounds need to leave also.
I like to think I am just gaining a lots of muscle. :)
Here are some things I whipped up recently with the TIU meal plan.
Quinoa with rosemary turkey burger and asparagus & honey lavender muffins...
Lots of strawberries, coconut and honey...
Can't believe I am nearly half way to my rocking bikini bod. Ha. 

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Cheers to the weekend.


  1. I just had my second boy and am with you-dressing little boys is SO fun!

  2. Those strawberry skewers look so good!

  3. Love the picture of you & your boys. Great job with TIU!

  4. I think dressing boys is so much fun, too! XOXO


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