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circus party | beckam turns three

Sunday was Beckam's third birthday.
I know I've been talking about/sharing parts of it for what seems like an eternity now, but the day finally came.
I am super happy with how it turned out... minus the wind and fairly chilly weather.
What better way to show it off than with a major photo dump...
One of the benefits of being a sugar farmer, is the access to a cotton candy machine whenever you want it.
My farmer and his dad got the machine up and running literally as people were driving in.
I'm not sure there is a better way to enter a party than to have a giant cotton candy handed to you.
The kids were thrilled at least.
Beckam was just as cute as ever, and when asked what his favorite part of the party was... he said it was eating chips outside with his friends. 
Now I know what we will be doing for his 4th birthday. 
I had all sorts of activities for the kids, but I think that the gymnastics ribbon sticks were the biggest hit.
We did a fun little obstacle course, had chalk, tin can bowling, "fishing", our playground and extensive collection of tractors, etc. 
The tattoo table and water gun shooting ping pong balls station didn't ever happen, because... wind, but I'm pretty sure no one noticed or cared.
It was a super fun day with friends and family!
And now the boys are occupied for a few days with all of the generous gifts...

Adorable banners from Minted.
Birthday boy's shirt from Ahoy Amigo.
Birthday boy's shorts from Periwinkle Jazz.
Everything else... I made... or Amazon. :)


  1. STOP!!!! it's SO, so, so cute!!! you did an amazing job- i love everything! the banners, red/white stripes, animal crackers, cupcake toppers... and that little birthday boy! adorable.

  2. The ring of fire! Oh, all of the details are so adorable!

  3. The whole thing looks really stupendous. Those little boys are so lucky to have you as their mother.

  4. Everything is just so perfect! The cupcakes are my favorite..so adorable!

  5. Another stunning party!! Those animal ring cupcakes - so clever!!

  6. OH my goodness, so stinkin' cute! Love it!

  7. how many popcorns did you have left over? answer - zero. i ate all the popcorns.

  8. I love this!! How adorable
    Chelsea @ http://thewilliamsjourney1.blogspot.com

  9. Happy birthday to your boy. Looks like he had a wonderful party. Love all the touches of the themed party.


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