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big changes in a blink

Bennett started rolling over this week.
He is so proud of himself every time he finally gets to his back.
I can't help but want to squish him and squeal with him in delight.

We've been working on this roll-over feat for awhile now, but instead he has perfected his superman.
The very first solo roll over was unseen.
By anyone. 
This seemed kind of like a mom fail.
Probably because he's my last baby.
And also because I have a solid 30 minutes of recordings of him just laying on his tummy, not moving anywhere.

My newborn stages are quickly coming to a close.
We are about to start solid foods.
He will be cruising around the house in a blink.
And leaving for college in like a week.

So, while he will still let me snuggle him for endless hours, let's document it. 


  1. Is baby boy developing curly hair?

  2. He is absolutely adorable! It is wild how quickly they grow. I am still trying to figure out how my son turned into a Kindergartner. Didn't I just have him last month?!

  3. He is such a doll. And I love his name!


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