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bennett | 5 months

We have hit a new stage friends.
Bennett is now in the "hey, I'm like... a real person" stage.
After three kids now, and having experienced all of these stages, I have to say... this one is one of my absolute favorites.
And it goes SO fast.
He can play with toys on his own.
And laugh if something is funny... or not funny.
He isn't independent yet, and not on the move.
He is content to just hang out.
And he loves me. Like a lot.
It's like a party every time I go to get him out of his crib.
I am greeted with smiles, squeals and a big hug when I pick him up.
Speaking of his crib... Bennett is showing to possibly be the laziest of our children.
He generally won't wake up until 10 am, and even then will kick around and coo quietly.
He is basically the best baby any mom could ever hope for.

likes |
This kid likes to laugh. He is always smiling, and if you give him a little tickle or say anything to him, he is sure to laugh.  And let me tell you... that laugh, it's the best sound in the world.
Bennett has become a professional toe biter (gummer? he doesn't have teeth).
He also really enjoys sucking on three or four fingers at a time. I'm pretty sure his goal is to fit his fist in his mouth.
He hasn't shown dislike to any person, and gets passed around a room without care.
He seems to enjoy pulling my hair.
Eating/snuggling are right up there on the very top of his favorite list also.
He recently found his voice, and he is nonstop "chatting". Let me tell you, he is loud like his brothers and his daddy.

dislikes | 
He really doesn't have many. I would say being smothered by his brothers all while they are squealing in a very high pitch... he doesn't seem to enjoy that.

milestones |
He put in his own paci yesterday. That was certainly new!
He has been able to grab and play with toys, along with turning himself in his play saucer.
He does however refuse to roll over on his own.  Maybe it's not so much refusal, as unable. I mean the kid puts in some serious effort, but it usually results in a killer superman pose. He hasn't figured out how to get those arms out of the way so he can flip over. He has however figured out how to move his hips around, which generally just gets him moving in circles or inching forward.

growth | 
His percentiles have slowed down a hair, and he is around 60th for weight, 80th for height and 90th for head circumference. Basically he is still a big dude. I literally can't give his squishy self enough kisses.
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  1. He is getting SO big! I can't believe he sleeps so late -- lucky mommy!

  2. Hard to believe he's 5 months already. Love you all lots and lots.

  3. I can't believe that he is already five months old! Gosh he is so darn adorable!!

  4. What a doll. I especially love his little arm rolls. I want to chew them!

  5. Those fat little legs! He's killing me!

  6. i just love him!!! :) so cute. and i am loving this stage!! so fun - hope you're well


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