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beckam | 3 years

My precious Beckam turned THREE yesterday.
Being the middle child, I wasn't as emotional leading up to this big age change... I've had a kid turn three before, and I will have another turn three in a couple of years.
Luckily for Beckam, he doesn't get as much of the crazy mommy in me coming out as I cling to his every last stage. 
However, this didn't keep me from shedding a couple of tears as I put him to bed the night before his birthday.
I just love him so SO much. 
Beckam is so sweet. 
Every morning he will bring out his beloved blanket and put it over me lovingly... even when I'm mid workout.
He is such a snuggler, and I hope he never stops. 
He just might love his baby brother most of all... always asking, "can I just give Bennett one kiss?"... nonstop kisses, and head rubbing.
He is very empathetic and feels bad when Brody whines about not getting his own way... and generally caves to make him happy... asking "are you happy now Bro?"
However, he really knows how to push Brody's buttons and enjoys getting him to freak out.
This kid is wild. 
And literally is always getting hurt.
No joke, 30 minutes after this photoshoot he was running, tripped and fell on the edge of his bed leaving a big bruise and scab on his cheek and chin. 
He also ran full speed, directly into a glass door a couple of weeks ago... so there's that.
Can we just talk about these eyes of his? And that dimple! 
He is also blessed with the sweetest little voice ever.
He can get away with a lot more than his older brother just by voice tone alone. 
Beckam loves to laugh. 
So naturally, he loves to be tickled. 
I could tickle him ALL day just to listen to those precious giggles. 
He also is a big joker, which in turn makes me laugh.
A funny little dude.
My little guy has a bit of lisp, and I kind of love it. 
Okay = otay, yes = yeth, etc. 
I'm sure he will outgrow it, and I'm sure I will miss it. 
Beckam is such a big helper. 
No matter what you are doing he runs up and says, "I'll help!"
I love his enthusiasm and joy for life. 
My guy loves to farm... with his toys but especially with his daddy and dog, Gunner.
He is always anxious to get into a tractor with him or go to irrigate. 
I just love this little guy SO much, and am so thankful he is mine!


  1. Sweet essay. Big hugs from his Aunt Nancy to the sweet little three year old boy.

  2. Happy Birthday sweet little lisper. What a handsome guy!!

  3. That faux-hawk! So sweet. Happy birthday Beckam!


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