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bennett | four months

I'm convinced that there is no better way to celebrate a monthly birthday than with a big ol' photo dump.
Especially when you are this cute.
Four months have flown by like nothing I've ever seen.
And I think that this is my favorite baby stage.
Super giggly.
Super squishy.
Super curious.
It's the best.

Nothing like a little side-eye from the babe of the family.
But really, he loves me.
Like, he's got all of the heart eyes in the world for me.
And there is something special about a tiny human that adores you that much.
Because it's certainly not going to last forever.
Especially how funny he thinks I am.
Gosh I love this kid.
He is SO easy going.
And patient.
And just a little love.

stats | I just weighed him with the super accurate minus my weight alone and my weight with him trick... he's about 16 pounds. And like 5 feet tall. He's a big boy. I can't seem to keep up on getting the clothes in his dresser to be the correct sizes.

likes | Oh boy...  he likes a lot of things.

He loves a good laugh, generally caused by tickling. However he isn't biased. If you tell a good joke, or just look at him the right way, you can get some smiles and chuckles out of him.

Still near the top of his list is food. If he is fed, he is happy.

FINGERS! He can't get enough. Chewing on them all of the time. And drooling SO so much. I think teeth are in our near future.

He is also a big fan of his brothers. Brody is a bit more nurturing to him and doesn't poke him quite as much so they are pals.

Ryan has started faux tossing him in the air - so far a big hit. I'm just waiting for him to spit up or drool in Ryan's mouth. :)

dislikes | He doesn't like being left out. Perhaps it's because he is rarely alone with all of the love from his brothers, but he likes to be in the middle of the action.
He also hates having gas. Thank goodness for gripe water! 

milestones | He has started being able to sit on a chair for a little while. Those core muscles are getting stronger!

While in tummy time, he wiggles all around... sometimes moving in a circle, sometimes inching his way forward. I bet he is going to be wild once he figures out how to move a bit more.

I may have jinxed myself on the commentary about how well he was sleeping at 3 months. He is still doing pretty good, but has been consistently waking up to eat once. I need to get him onboard with a 7 o'clock bedtime like his brothers too.

A little visual growth chart for your viewing pleasure:

Perhaps this next month will slow down a bit.
I'm not ready for him to start gaining his independence.


  1. Oh what a lil cutie you have here!! Love his name! Wow I really like how you posed him with the bear, you can see the difference in the 4 months!! =)

  2. So adorable, love the side eye pic. 😂

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