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oh hey, friday | bikini bod + party deets + wild kids

Dear Friday,
I. Love. You.
It's been a looooong week.
Here are a few things that have been going on...

1 | party time!
Last week I shared Beckam's party inspiration board with you, but today I have some actual goodies to share.
His invitations and other decor came from minted and I am IN LOVE!
Can't wait for this fun party to all come together!

2 | TIU
I got suckered into joining the 8 week Tone It Up bikini body program to get rid of my remaining preggo weight.
So far, so good.
I've spent my entire week waking up at 5 am (not my jam) to workout.
I am sticking to a pretty strict meal plan also.
If I don't have a hot(ter) bod in 8 weeks, I quit.
I will spare all of you my before pics.
Unless of course I end up with a six pack when this is over.
Then I will share the transformation.

Are you doing it?
If so, tell me!!
I'd love to suffer through this with others.

3 | skewers to the toilet rescue
I have found THE best tool to get unwanted items out of the toilet.
Unwanted meaning... a toy, or a significant amount of toilet paper.
No joke.
I had to do this TWICE this week.
Brody thought that my kitchen tongs would work nicely, so I quickly found some shish kabob skewers instead.
I mean, they get thrown away immediately, and you have a significant distance between you and the toilet water.
Tuck this little trick in your back pocket.
It may come in handy one day.

4 | my boys have gone crazy
Based on number 3, this might not come as a surprise to you.
They have been so wild, and one of them is generally being disobedient.
Send help.
I'll keep the baby though, because he is just always so darn sweet.

5 | giggles
I'm pretty certain that there is nothing in this world better than baby giggles.
He giggles, I giggle, we all giggle. 
Brody has been LOVING being able to get Bennett to laugh recently. 

And I think that is a pretty good send off into the weekend!

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Cheers to the weekend.


oh hey, friday | party prep + the best gift EVER + snapchat and more

Let's just get right to it, shall we?

1 | mother's day
Did you see my post on what mom's really want for Mother's Day?
If you didn't, you can find it HERE.
Little did I know that what I wanted the most for Mother's Day wasn't on that list.
You guys... my farmer hired some people to mow and trim my yard weekly for me!!
I'm sure this sounds like the lamest gift ever, but let me assure you... it is THE best.
We have an acre of lawn.
And I am the one that has to care for it, since my farmer has 2,000+ acres to tend to on his own.
That farmer sure knows the way to my heart!

2 | beckam's 3rd birthday party
In exactly one month my precious boy is turning THREE.
Big things are the works for my middle child.
Here is a little bit of party inspiration that I've been working with.
Check me out on Pinterest {here} to see the above pins and more.

3 | snapchat
I'm just figuring out this bizz.
And it's kinda fun showing off some of the interesting, or not, aspects of farm life.
Or my postpartum balding.
Or how crazy wild my boys are.
OR random videos of my little baby who sometimes spits up in the middle of his snap.
If you'd like to follow along you can find me at: farmerswifeamy

4 | recipe help
I am in a bit of a rut.
I find myself cooking the same meals over and over and over again.
I'm trying to eat clean... which usually resorts to me eating a quick salad.
SO many salads in my life, and I'm getting bored.
Please, send me your favorite go-to recipes!
You can email them to me HERE or just comment below with your favorites.

5 | amen
Can I get an amen for the glorious spring time weather?
And for two year olds who decide to do their own hair with copious amounts of gel?
And for healthy babes with passion for life that give me a daily run for my money?

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Cheers to the weekend.


gifts mom really wants | a mother's day gift guide

Mother's Day is upon us.
And I figured a gift guide might be helpful.
I'm talking to you - kids and husbands.
Macaroni necklaces are great... and necessary... and loved... BUT perhaps another gift would be nice too.
Here are a few suggestions that any mom in your life would love:

|| jewelry ||

Now here is a good addition to that macaroni necklace. 
THIS gold necklace can be personalized with any names, dates, etc. 
It is adorable.
It is sleek.
It is meaningful.

|| clothes ||

THIS shirt.
Can't go wrong. 
Some other favorites are THIS and THIS.
Because they are true... and look comfortable and perfect for a day at home with the kiddos.

|| spoil them || 
I don't know about you, but the last thing I want to do on a holiday "for me" is work.
SO gardening tools or kitchen supplies isn't ideal.
How about a gift card to a spa?
Or a favorite store perhaps?

|| flowers ||
And in addition to that glorious gift that you buy any mom in your life, a bouquet of flowers is a nice touch! 
There is something about fresh flowers that will make her heart happy. 

SO, time to get shopping!
Mother's Day will be here before you know it.


oh hey, friday | 5 MUST read blog posts

Do you guys get tired of hearing how busy I am?
Because I do.

I really have been though.
I mean I'm sick of being squishy, so I've been working on that... which, for the record, takes a lot of time and effort.
We have like an acre of grass that needs mowed.
Grocery shopping.
Bennett's four month check-up.
Lots of playing with the big boys.

I am up to my ears in farm bookwork.
AND our farm computer just crashed.
As in... erased EVERYTHING.
I spent so much time trying to fix it and figure it out, but alas.
This in turn made me download all of the pictures from my phone onto my computer.
Nearly 5,000 of them.
And then that made me a crazy basket of emotions watching the past few months in supersede across my screen... because it's beyond comprehendible how fast these boys of mine are growing up.

So, yea. It's been one of those weeks.
And I was reassured of this when I spilled half a bottle of cold water on my lap while driving yesterday.

Instead of more of the above from me though, I am going to grace you with five posts of mine from the past... that surely need read by you!

But first, let's all get our link up on, shall we?

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Moving on to some must reads...

1 | things i shouldn't tell you
You can find this post HERE.
Stories surrounding a year I spent overseas.
It involves a dildo.
Enough said.

2 | bachelor fame
Last year I felt famous on a few occasions while being on tv during the season of The Bachelor.
I wrote two behind the scenes post.
One for the premier HERE.
And one for the finale HERE.

3 | birth stories
I'm a sucker for birth stories!
I wish that I had started blogging a bit earlier so I could have written one for Brody.
I suppose I could still write one, but the details are more than hazy.
You can read Beckam's HERE.
And Bennett's HERE.

4 | man behind the blog
It may be time to do another one of these since this is nearly two years old.
But you can check out my farmer and read some of his wise remarks HERE.

5 | pregnancy announcement and gender reveal
I feel like I captured things much better this final time around.
And I am thrilled that I did.
These pictures will be treasured.
Pregnancy announcement HERE.
And gender reveal and the most shocked I have ever been HERE.

OK. Get reading.

And, don't forget to check out some of the other lovely ladies linking up below too. Let's make a few friends today!

Have a great weekend.


oh hey, friday | life, as i know it

Somehow it is Friday again.
And that may have been the fastest week of my life.

Things are getting crazy up in here.
Farm season is definitely in full swing, and life seems to have gotten busier than it already was.

So don't mind me, I'll just be over here trying to play catch up for... ever.

1 | four months
My baby is four months old today.
I wrote a whole post about it yesterday, which you can find HERE.
BUT, I thought I would note again just how much he is loved.
Especially by these two...

2 | washington
We got home from WA Monday morning at about 1am. 
My poor farmer drove the entire way, with very little interaction from the rest of us.
I had gotten sick, so spent a significant amount of time sleeping. 
The boys napped and played on their iPads. 
And Ryan, well, he listened to a LOT of podcasts. 

Spending the weekend at my sister in laws was super fun though.
The boys especially had a good time with their cousins.
I surprisingly didn't get too many pictures... except for an impromptu phone photoshoot with these handsome boys. We were struggling.
It was great to get to celebrate the soon arrival of a new GIRL cousin though.
Can't wait to see how she will change the dynamics of his group of five boys. Ha.

3 | free time nowadays
My mother in law took my older two boys yesterday for a few hours... so, I spent the entire time they were gone doing yard work.
And feeding Bennett.
Super glorious life of a farm wife, am I right?

I still have three sections of lawn to mow.
And quite a few dandelions to kill.
And an entire garden to plant.

We will be outside for the foreseeable future.

4 | sunshine!
The boys came home and I was watering the lawn. Farm style of course.
Which is the best, especially when a 2 and 5 year old are concerned.
(don't mind the awesome quality... I took a screenshot of a video clip.)

5 | snapchat filters
Is anyone else having a fun time with these snapchat filters!?
I'm kind of obsessed.

SO, that my friends is what my life is like... snuggling babies, taking last minute road trips with the family, endless yard work and filtering pictures of my face.
Wild, eh?

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bennett | four months

I'm convinced that there is no better way to celebrate a monthly birthday than with a big ol' photo dump.
Especially when you are this cute.
Four months have flown by like nothing I've ever seen.
And I think that this is my favorite baby stage.
Super giggly.
Super squishy.
Super curious.
It's the best.

Nothing like a little side-eye from the babe of the family.
But really, he loves me.
Like, he's got all of the heart eyes in the world for me.
And there is something special about a tiny human that adores you that much.
Because it's certainly not going to last forever.
Especially how funny he thinks I am.
Gosh I love this kid.
He is SO easy going.
And patient.
And just a little love.

stats | I just weighed him with the super accurate minus my weight alone and my weight with him trick... he's about 16 pounds. And like 5 feet tall. He's a big boy. I can't seem to keep up on getting the clothes in his dresser to be the correct sizes.

likes | Oh boy...  he likes a lot of things.

He loves a good laugh, generally caused by tickling. However he isn't biased. If you tell a good joke, or just look at him the right way, you can get some smiles and chuckles out of him.

Still near the top of his list is food. If he is fed, he is happy.

FINGERS! He can't get enough. Chewing on them all of the time. And drooling SO so much. I think teeth are in our near future.

He is also a big fan of his brothers. Brody is a bit more nurturing to him and doesn't poke him quite as much so they are pals.

Ryan has started faux tossing him in the air - so far a big hit. I'm just waiting for him to spit up or drool in Ryan's mouth. :)

dislikes | He doesn't like being left out. Perhaps it's because he is rarely alone with all of the love from his brothers, but he likes to be in the middle of the action.
He also hates having gas. Thank goodness for gripe water! 

milestones | He has started being able to sit on a chair for a little while. Those core muscles are getting stronger!

While in tummy time, he wiggles all around... sometimes moving in a circle, sometimes inching his way forward. I bet he is going to be wild once he figures out how to move a bit more.

I may have jinxed myself on the commentary about how well he was sleeping at 3 months. He is still doing pretty good, but has been consistently waking up to eat once. I need to get him onboard with a 7 o'clock bedtime like his brothers too.

A little visual growth chart for your viewing pleasure:

Perhaps this next month will slow down a bit.
I'm not ready for him to start gaining his independence.

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