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the power of chocolate | a photoshoot with my big boys

I seriously can't pass up a chance to photograph my big boys. 
After the crowd left on Easter and we were winding down I realized I had only taken iPhone pics of them, and that wasn't going to cut it.
I bribed them with some Easter candy and we ran outside to do "5 pictures each".
I snuck in some of them together too.
Because, that is the power of chocolate.
Of course it was windy - when is it not windy here!? - so we headed to our trusty silo to block the wind. 
And here is what I captured...

Don't they look sweet in that last pic?
One second later... that hand of Beckam's smacked Brody in the face.
I don't think I will ever fully understand brotherhood.


  1. So sweet! Isn't bribing the only way to get cute kid photos?

  2. Sensationally beautiful pictures. Love them both so much.

  3. These are beautiful! you are so good at capturing the little moments and their personalities.

  4. The pictures turned out wonderfully. The boys look adorable in their outfits.


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