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oh hey, friday | 5 necessities for a road trip with kids

We took a trip to Bend, OR last week.
It was eight hours in the car with our three kids.
Luckily, they are fairly used to car rides since we live a good hour away from Boise, but eight hours is a different story.
Today, I'm sharing with you the 5 things that I think are necessity on any road trip with children.

1 | snacks
My kids don't really like fast food.
Good for them, right?
On road trips though, we have to plan ahead and bring lots of snacks.
OR, like this trip, we just stopped at a grocery store for lunch instead of a fast food restaurant.
We grabbed some popcorn, cut up apples, cheese sticks, turkey slices, chips, carrot sticks, strawberries and raspberries and chocolate almond milk.
We were set.
Full bellies.
Happy kids.
And happy mommy... popcorn is my favorite!!!

2 | iPads
How in the world did parents take trips with their children without tablets?
I try not to give my kids too much screen time, but that flies right out the window when we are in the car for multiple hours in a row.
They keep very busy on their little kid apps, and are happy as clams.
If you are planning a long trip with your kids and down own a tablet, GO BUY ONE.

3 | sleepy music
One little guy is too young for an iPad.
And the trip goes by much quicker when he is snoozing.
We put on some nice sleepy lullaby music for him.
It generally works awesome. On him... and me.
This last week that one particular cd got played approximately 134 times through.

4 | planned stops to stretch legs and go potty
That music only works for so long before our growing Bennett boy is starving for some milk!
We planned out a few stops ahead of time in areas that my farmer could take our two older boys on some walks to stretch their legs.
There isn't much between Idaho and Bend, so this usually ended up being in a nice pull out.
While I fed Bennett, they traipsed through some BLM ground and most likely peed on some tumbleweeds.

5 | earphones/podcasts
I don't think that there has ever been a road trip in history without at least a little bit of whining from children.
This is when your earphones and a good podcast come in real handy!
We were busy googling podcasts on the road because we caught up with Serial.
A new one that we found and enjoy is "Stuff You Should Know".
Any other good podcasts that I should know about!?
We are kind of addicted now.

SO, these are the five things that we do to keep a happy carload of people on a long trip.
What do YOU do!?
I will need some more tricks up my sleeve next time!

AND, now it's time for you all to link up.
You know the drill.

1 | Go ahead and write up a post about five things.
2 | Paste the html of the button above on your post.
3 | Link up at the bottom.

Have a fabulous weekend friends!


  1. How in all of this time did I not know that you lived in Idaho?! And I'm ashamed to say, I've never been to Bend, although I hear nothing but great things about it and it's about a four hour drive (or so I'm told. I live just south of Portland).

    Any who, my family is taking a road trip through Idaho and into Wyoming for Spring Break this month. Thumbs up to you for that list. =)

  2. Yes to all of these! And how awesome that your kids don't like fast food...lucky!

  3. My sister in law is the best and always sends us off with a bucket of all our favorite snacks!

  4. Favorite Podcasts:
    1. Stuff you should know is awesome--glad you found it!
    2. Surprisingly Awesome -- about stuff that is, you guessed it, surprisingly awesome
    3. Startup - a podcast about starting a company that makes podcasts -- it's good i promise
    4. This American Life (Serial is a spinoff of one of theirs I think)-- every episode is about something totally different, and it's great!
    5. Planet Money -- about money, but not in the way you would expect. i.e. why are certain purses so dang expensive?
    6. Become Good Soil -- this would be for your farmer, but it's about how to take each decade and become the man of God you desire to be. It's not super religious-y, but is practical, they swear a tad, and very manly-it's great
    7. Reply All -- about different random things on the internet
    8. Mystery Show -- about those little mysteries you always wish you could solve (i.e. how tall is a certain celebrity actually?)

    That's all I got :)

  5. My husband and I play word and letter games! We did this on the bus during an excursion in Mexico and literally had the whole bus join in! My favorite is the celebrity one. You name a celebrity then he names the movie then another celebrity in that movie and then name another movie! It passes the time fast!!! =)

    When I was a kid I kept a log of different licenses plates I would see! I even saw an Alaska one once in NY!! =P


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